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When do you have to apply iPhone parental control? It seems impossible to watch out for all the online activities of your kids these days, especially with the latest boost of 3G/4G capable mobile device. Such smart phone as iPhone has become the closest friend of most kids and teenagers, which disturbs you with even more concerns. You, therefore, should not only rush out to buy computer security software for your home computers, but also it is high time for you to keep an eye on the iPhone of your kids in view of the fact that the kids have had the whole Internet in their hands and they can access everything the iPhone parental control software intends to watch out for just with a simple touch of the screen. As a result, iPhone Parental Control is in great demand.

Access Restriction Is Not Enough or Effective!

Have you worried that your kids spend too much time on surfing on the Internet or view some improper websites and videos? Whatever the case may be, now applying iPhone Parental Control can be a relief for you to free from such kind of concerns. You can choose to enable restriction on iPhone before you hand the device to your kids:

  1. Open Settings>General>Restrictions
  2. Tap on "Enable Restriction"
  3. Set a passcode and re-enter it
  4. Tap the ON/OFF button to allow or disallow an app

The good thing is that you, as a parent, have something to do, at least. However, this way only works with the built-in apps of Apple. Kids are able to find hundreds of apps to establish alternative entertainment life based on iPhone, which easily bypasses your restriction. You are still quite in the dark, having no idea about how kids perform on the smart phone. Also, such kind of visible parental control will suffer the strong protest of your kids, what is worse, may lead to a fight.

Apply iPhone Parental Control App

Sure, a wise choice for you is to install iKeyMonitor so as to conduct the Automatic iPhone Parental Control.

Automatic iPhone Parental Control

iKeyMonitor possesses so powerful logging features that all the passwords entered, keystrokes typed, text pasted, SMS sent and received and websites visited in Safari will be secretly recorded in details as well as the screenshots will be captured in preset interval. Meanwhile,the logs will be automatically sent to your email/FTP which is protected by the encrypted password, so you are totally safe and secret with the logs and can check on them wherever and whenever you prefer.

Keep an eye on everything on the iPhone

Instead of putting visible restrictions on your kids’ iPhone which will arouse the strong dissatisfaction of your kids, iKeyMonitor help you keep an eye on everything they perform on the iPhone so as to take actions the moment trouble or danger occurs. So iKeyMonitor enables you to perform Automatic iPhone spy app on your kids with love and peace. In addition, with the added Remote Control Panel, you can remotely switch on or off the monitoring, that is to say, once you finish your monitoring, you can stop the software remotely without accessing the monitored iPhone.

With iKeyMonitor iPhone Parental Control software in hand,you can be assured to leave your kids alone to enjoy the fancy world of iPhone, because iKeyMonitor will keep you informed of everything happening on the iPhone. Where there is a need, there is you right out there for your kids.

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