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6 Reasons Why You Need A Screen Time App 2023

6 Reasons Why You Need A Screen Time App

It’s an absolutely true fact that no one ever told me parenting was going to be easy. There are numerous fields in which you have to take care of whether your child is getting affected. Now, for entertainment, communication or for information purposes children use to get connected with screens and there come to the challenges in front of the parents. You must know that technology is not that bad for children as they are able to make use of the technology and see the world and learn many new topics. They can easily connect with family and friends. So, you will need a proper screen time app that can protect your children from all the harmful effects of technology.

Cyberbullying, racism, hate speech and strangers are some of the common issues that children may face when they start using different types of screens. It becomes the responsibility of the parents to know about all these risks and challenges that come in with the use of technology. Actually, parents are not that aware of the techniques to follow to keep the child safe and act according to the changing technology.

Why Having A Screen Time App Is Important?

Today, screens are an essential part of children’s connection with the entire world. In every phase, there is a need for the screen as that is a standard mode of interaction. When children start to use the screens excessively then that brings lots of health effects on them. Some may experience health problems including inhibiting sleep, information recall and above all they may sometimes get exposed to inappropriate or dangerous content. A screen time app is important as it will enable parents to teach the ways to handle and navigate the digital world for keeping them protected. These are six reasons due to which you will need a screen time app:

1. It Limits Distractions

As children brain is in developing phase so it may be difficult for them to keep control of their impulse and due to that you may face various problems in regulating their own screen time. Screens may also hinder their working process and they may get tempted to watch something and, in this way, children are unable to focus on at once. If a child starts viewing screen while working then again, it’s difficult to concentrate. That’s the reason you need to use measures to limit the screen use for children.

2. Helps You Start Conversations with Your Child

You should have a proper conversation with the child regarding the screen use. This will help you to know about their online timing and accordingly, you can make them understand the harmful effects of excessive use. Talking will enable you to become aware of the interests of the children and along with that, you will also have an opportunity to find out the websites that your child prefers to visit and why they like such websites. There are situations when children may experience FOMO but having proper conversations with them will help you to tackle their anxiety level.

3. Encourages Unplugged Time

You should follow a conversation with your child to ensure that the child ultimately informs you about their secret life. It is necessary that you know about the situation that your child faces in their everyday life otherwise you will not be able to protect them completely. According to their screen timings you have to impose limitations.

4. Supports Your Screen Time Reward System

At the situation when parents make use of screen time apps, then they get additional screen time and that’s healthy if you want to promote healthy screen timings for your children. This will enable the child to frame a proper system according to which screen time can be set.

5. Helps Reduce Depression

Today’s generation spends most of their time on various online platforms and hence screen time is very high. With the increase in screen time, depression among children is also increasing tremendously especially with teen girls. They are busy spending time in social media interaction rather than spending time on exercise, sports and face to face interaction. In such a situation in order to reduce depression among children parents have to limit the screen time.

6. Provides Parent-Focused Community

Nowadays parents lots of things from other parents. Mainly, parents rely on friends and family members for advice regarding the child’s screen timings. Therefore, you can make use of a screen time app that will allow you to have a parent-focused community and get an instant suggestion on any issue that your child faces.

How Can I Limit Screen Time for My Kids?

Screens are part of children’s daily life, and so it becomes more important to set guidelines to keep screen time at healthy levels. If you have concerns about the screens in your child’s life, then limiting screen time is all about finding a healthy balance. If you’re concerned that your child is spending too much time then there are a variety of ways to help you limit their screen time. Here are some of the ways to limit the screen time for your kids:

1. Create a Family Media Contract

Having a proper family media contract is a great way to make your children focused and have interaction in society. Having a valid contract enables you to frame proper rules and make it clear to the child that the screen time they can have. These rules must be applied for the entire family instead of just the kids.

2. Designate Screen-Free Zones

It is essential that there are specific rooms where screen use is completely prohibited. You may restrict the usage in the dining room, bathroom, and bedrooms. This will not only reduce the temptation of risky behavior but help you to limit the usage of technology.

3. Model Good Digital Behaviour

No matter how big or small your child is, you will always be your child’s first teacher. So, it becomes your responsibility to make them understand the problems that excessive screen usage may bring for them.

4. Monitor Screen Time Use

The best way to find out how much time your child spends on their device is to consistently monitor their screen time use with a spy app. You may set up age-appropriate time and content limits on the media.

You must train your child to tackle new technology and apps together. This can be done by using a screen time app like iKeyMonitor. This app will enable you to remotely access your child’s device and so you are able to limit the use of devices easily. It will enable you to explore your child’s digital world and learn about their online activities.


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