Ultimate Guide To Teen Slang For Parents 2024

Ultimate Guide To Teen Slang For Parents

Every era has a teen that make their codes and acronyms to communicate, which are known as teen slang. While for parents it is difficult to keep track of these slangs. Some of these codes are fine to use, while the others are harmful to the kids and for their surroundings. The main concern here is that if the teens are using such slangs to keep a secret. That is where the problem begins. As parents do not know about this language of their kids, they overlook the harmful signs and all the red flags.

These teen slang words can mean something that parents can never think of. Therefore, a guide has to be there for the parents to give knowledge to a parent about the teen slangs.

The teen slang words and phrases are very common and used by almost every teen these days. While to make sure that the parents are aware of such teen slangs, here is some of the information about it. This information will help the parent to understand the teen slang and catch the cat before it is out of the bag.

What Do Slang Words Mean?

These days, the teen slang words and phrases are complicated. Most of the times parents do not know the meaning of the basic teen slang. And they end up using one in the wrong situation. We are sure you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your kids and their friends. It can be your try of being cool.

That is why you need to know what slang words mean. This will help you stay away from embarrassment. And also, it will help you understand what your teen is talking about. Here are some of the teen slang and what slang words mean.

1. Sus

We are sure you have heard it in the conversation with your teen. It is new slang for shady. If someone is being suspicious or has done anything wrong, sus is the teen slang for it.

2. Sis

You know you call a sister a sis. But now, in the teen slang dictionary, sis is used for bro. And teens use “sis” for the bros.

3. AF

This is a popular teen slang. It means as F*ck. You might never know what slang word means. Well, now you know your kid has been cursing in front of you and you never had a clue. This slang is used to add emphasis.

Why Parents Should Know About Teen Slang Words And Phrases?

There are several teen slang words that parents are unable to decode. Sometimes, these slangs are harmless, while the other times, it can put your kids in great trouble. Parents do not want their kids to be a part of any suspicious activity. And to keep them safe, parents need to know about these slangs. Here is why a parent should know about the teen slang phrases and words.

1. Protection

Knowing the teen slang will help parents to keep their kids protected. Parents are able to judge the bad coming their kid’s way before the kids do. This is why the knowledge of slang will help them be a little more aware.

2. Removing the communication gap

Most of the time, teens become rebellious. They think the parents are outdated and they are unable to understand their thoughts. Knowledge of teen slangs will help you remove the deadlock of conversation with your kid.

Top Teen Slang Words On Social Media Parents Should Know

Social media is where all these slangs revolutionize. These slangs are mostly spread by social media. You can easily find the top teen slang words on social media. All these slangs are the codes and acronyms that teens use to convey a message. It is nothing new. We all have had our secret language in our teens that we used to be in the cool squad. Let’s find out some of the teen slang words on social media that are trending these days.

1. Dm

Dm is the most common and popular teen slang word on social media. It means a direct message. It is often used for hookups.

2. Squad goals

This is another famous teen slang word on social media. It means and refers to a group or a collection of friends that aspire to do something similar.

3. On fleek

This teen slang refers to something that is perfect. It can refer to an object or a person to be nice or sweet.

4. Lit

Lit is a popular teen slang. It means and refers to something that is happening and is not dull at all.

Teen Slang Words And Phrases

There are several teens that are into some alarming things. And that is only possible because of the teen slang words and phrases they use to keep their secrets. Parents do not understand these coding and therefore, these teens are saved from the parents check. There are some of the teen slang that parents need to know to save their kids from getting into trouble.

1. CU46

The full form of this teen slang word is “see you for sex”. This is a slang that you need to be aware of.


This is another red flag. The full form of this is “get naked on camera”. You need to make sure that your kid is not into something bad.


This teen slang means “naked in front of a computer”. This is a slang that parents should keep an eye on.

This is the ultimate guide to teen slang. It will help you get a step ahead with the protection of your kids. You can also get closer to your kids with these slangs. You can use iKeyMonitor to keep an eye on the slangs that your kids use. iKeymonitor is a tracking app. It is a full-fledged tracking app for the parents to have a keen eye. It has various features that will help you to get complete knowledge about your kids. The good thing about the app is that the results cannot tamper. The time has been changing and these teen slangs will not stay the same always. If you want to stay up to date, you should get help from iKeyMonitor.

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