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There is every reason why every parent needs to have a Tumblr spy app. This is because research has shown that millions of teens are opting for this social app for interaction and other online activities. We all agree that while social media is a good place for our kids to build meaningful networks, some that are vital for their career growth, there are instances when such platforms turn against the teens. This is why, as a parent, you must be able to track Tumblr chats and posts to know when your teen son or daughter is making harmful connections online.

And while there is a myriad of spy apps that can enable you to get to know what your child is doing online, one powerful app is iKeyMonitor. This is a must-have spying app for all parents. While many would argue that young adults need their privacy, it is a parent who knows better how to take care of their children. And for that, parents might need to discreetly infringe on the privacy of their teenagers to help them avoid getting into trouble. With iKeyMonitor, you can be able to track absolutely anything that your child is doing on Tumblr, ranging from chats, posts, and much more as we shall look at it later.

Why You Need Tumblr Tumblr Spy Software

There are so many reasons why every parent needs a Tumblr spy app. This is not just to protect children from harm that they might get from other users of Tumblr, but also protect them against themselves. There is no denying that the internet has made everything possible. And while we appreciate the positive contribution that the internet has in our lives, we must also be alive to the fact that it provides some information that proves detrimental to our youths. Here are some of the reasons why you need to have iKeyMonitor on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Protect them against cyber-bullying

Research shows that there are millions of children across the world that have been bullied at one time or another through social media platforms such as Tumblr. And these attacks are mostly on teenage girls. In some cases, it has been reported that victims of cyberbullying have even committed suicide. It is thus the responsibility of a parent to know when your child is being bullied, and thus know how to intervene early enough.

Know your child’s friends

Sometimes not so many parents think that it is crucial to know the people that their teenage children hung out with. Remember that the character of a child can be determined by the kind of friends the child has. Some of these friendships are made on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others. With a Tumblr monitoring app, you can be able to know the people that your child is chatting with on this social platform.

Know the sites your child has visited

It is not just Tumblr that can ruin the life of a teenager. Most teenagers are destroyed by exposing themselves to adult content, which has detrimental effects on them. By knowing whether or not your kids are visiting pornographic sites, you can be able to know the appropriate action to take. As a matter of fact, with iKeyMonitor, you can be able to block these sites from your kid’s phone. By so doing, you would have been able to protect your child’s innocence from people who are out to make money, disregarding the impact of their action on young adults.

The reasons why you need to have a spy app for your children are endless. All that should matter to you as a parent; most is the safety of your child.

What Makes iKeyMonitor the Best Tumblr Spy Software?

There are so many things that you can track using this application. Note that it is not just social media that can make teenagers go astray. And also, it is not just social media friends that can have an impact on the lives of teenagers. After they have met on Tumblr and other platforms, they will exchange contacts and chat, call, and even plan to meet. With this application, you can be able to know when your child is making a wrong move and be able to intervene at whichever stage. Below are some of the features that make this app a must-have for all.

Can work on both rooted as well as non-rooted devices

Whether the device of your child is rooted or not, you can still be able to know what he or she is up to. This is because Tumblr monitoring app is designed in a way that enables it to track and monitor devices that have been rooted as well as those that have not been rooted.

Easy to get call recordings and chats

Once kids have exchanged contacts from social platforms, the next thing will be to make calls and perhaps plan a meeting. As a parent or guardian, you would be interested to know the person that your teenager is calling or chatting with. With the iKeyMonitor app, you will be able to get the call recordings as well as chats to peruse through. Note that calls are recorded and copies of chats saved for your review. The application is also able to take screenshots of chats and save them as well. And even if the kid deletes them, you will still be able to access this information through the dashboard of the app.

Location tracking

You must be interested to know where your teenage kid is visiting. With increases cases of sleepovers, one may never be too sure of where the child is, as most teenagers do not tell the truth regarding where they are going for a sleepover. With the GPS tracker fitted in this app, you can be able to know the exact location where the child is.

The special features of this application are simply unlimited. Think of any aspect of the child that you need to monitor and then count on the best Tumblr spy software to do the work for you.

Useful Features of Tumblr Spy App

  • SMS tracker
  • Social media platforms tracker e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Geo-fencing feature
  • Installed apps monitoring

How to Get iKeyMonitor Tumblr Spy

  1. 1. Sign up

    Register a 3-day free trial account of iKeyMonitor Tumblr Spy Software.

  2. 2. Log into the Cloud Panel

    Sign into Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor on the target mobile phone.

  3. 3. Install iKeyMonitor

    After installation finished, input your license key to register iKeyMonitor.

  4. 4. Start Spying

    Start Monitoring Tumblr for free.

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Tumblr spy is the best way to know what your child is doing on this social platform. With iKeyMonitor, you are able to be in charge of your teenager’s activities as a parent. While not so many people encourage spying on children, good parental behavior will require you to have one or two apps to spy on the actions of your child.


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