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Should I Track My Children’s Phone Call and Activity? 2023

Teen Parenting: Important Things to Know

Many parents decide to track children’s phone calls and activity of their children in order to protect children from potential dangers due to the fact that there are many threats in the world. As a parent, you must give children enough privacy, but you must also establish certain boundaries. It is completely natural when your kids want to have certain privacy, and you must allow them to do that. Each child must have a place for themselves, where they can spend some time alone. When is it appropriate for parents to track phone calls and activity of their children?

When Don’t You Need to Track Phone Call of Children?

    If your children are honest and responsible, you should never spy on them by call tracking software. Mature children should receive respect and see that there are certain boundaries that you should not cross. This way, they will think of you as their closest friend, which is a great thing for parents.

    Responsible teenagers who don’t hide where their location is and who they are with, should not be spied on. It is of extreme importance to show that you appreciate their honesty, and they will certainly love that you show them such respect. This is due to the fact that they are still a youth, and they are fascinated when they receive the same respect as elders have between one another.

    If you track phone calls of your children without adequate reason you are sending them a false signal stating that you don’t trust them and if there isn’t a reason for that, this is bad. Teenagers want to become independent and learn how to take care of their lives on their own, and they want to have their private space.

    When Should You Track Your Children’s Phone Call?

    As a parent, you have to bear the burden of protecting your children from the threats around us and themselves. If you are suspicious that your children are doing a risky activity that he should never do, then you have the right to learn what he is doing due to the fact that it’s your responsibility to protect them.

    If we talk about rights, everyone has the right to have a guaranteed privacy, but when we look at this from a different perspective, as parents we are responsible for our children. If you are suspicious that your kids might be taking drugs, alcohol or anything else that’s risky, then you have the right to track their phone calls, monitor their phone activity and even go through their room. Of course, you shouldn’t go nuts if you find an empty can of beer in your teenager’s room, but medications he or she must not be taking is a problem.

    Tracking Phone Call with Mobile Spy App

    If you want to know everything about your children, you can easily learn that by installing a unique spying application on their iPad/iPhone/Android phone/tablet such as iKeyMonitor, which is a leading spy app in the market. This way, you can not only track phone call history which includes contacts and telephone number, time and stamp, call duration, but also monitor typed emails, social media activity, sent and received instant messages, keystrokes, usernames and passwords, and real-time screenshots.

    Of course, you must be very careful when doing that because this is something that can easily escalate and you will lose the connection you have with them. You must teach them that they must take care of themselves and stay safe. You can also tell them that you are responsible for using call tracker in order to protect them from potential dangers in advance.

    They should learn that alcohol and narcotics is a bad thing, and they should always be open to you when they go out. Children should know that if they don’t do that, you have the right to do whatever is necessary to protect them, including tracking phone call and activity.

    Key Features of iKeyMonitor

    iKeyMonitor, as the most popular and secure call tracker app for iPhone and Android, can be installed on iPad/iPhone/Android phone/tablet to monitor everything on the target device in an invisible and remote way. What iKeyMonitor can serve for you is more than tracking phone call, and you can select the features as your preference.

    • Record Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
    • Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone
    • Keep Track of Web Activities
    • Record Messages from WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/ Kik/ Facebook
    • Log Typed Chat Conversations
    • Monitor Social Networking Activity
    • Record Entered Email Content
    • Capture Screenshots Periodically
    • Track Cell Phone GPS Locations
    • Log Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos
    • Log Events in Calendar
    • Log All Contacts on iPhone
    • Block Inappropriate Apps/Games
    • Limit Screen Time
    • Record voice messages
    • Listen to phone surroundings
    • Record phone calls (Android only)

    You should teach your children that they are going to receive privacy when they are responsible and honest with you. Teach them that honesty is a privilege, rather than a right. If they violate your rules, your children should know that you will take actions which they will dislike, such as track children’s phone call and activity. Being dishonest has a price, and they must pay it. Trust and respect should never be taken lightly!


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