Think You Know What Your Child Has Access to Online? Think Again 2024

You need to think about what your child has access to online. Can you leave your children to strangers? You cannot invite strangers home and have them play with your child. Similarly, when your child has access to a smartphone, tablet or computer and allows strangers to be their friends, you can imagine the impact. Today, any child with technology is seen as a potential target for online predators. What can you do as a parent? You cannot lock all electronic devices and prevent children from using it. If you do this, it may irritate your child and cause negative effects. Today, the entire world is connected with technology. It is unwise to keep children away from the Internet. But you can definitely provide your child with adequate online safety education. Just as you are not allowing your child to drive on a car without a seat belt, you should not let your child browse the Internet without basic safety education.

What Should You Know?

You might consider barring your child from playing online games or accessing social media. But this is not the right way to protect your child from harm. In this case, the child may start creating a secret social media account without letting you know. The only way to protect children is to educate them about cybersecurity measures. Here are some things you must know about what your child has access to on the web:

Social Media Sites

Sometimes social media sites make your child vulnerable to sexual abuse. You must always know all the social media accounts your child uses and the people who contact them through those accounts. You must establish a relationship with your child and have a healthy conversation with them about sexual abuse. Predators online use fake pictures and videos to convince your kids that they are also kids.

Gaming and In-Game Purchases

Often, online games feature online characters that match your child’s interests and age. Your child may participate in popular online game chat sites and applications. Discuss various game options and in-app game purchases with your child so you can educate your child correctly. If your child is playing games, it’s best to monitor their usage and make sure they don’t pay for items in the game in ways you don’t authorize.

Video and Image Searches

Children are in puberty, at this stage they are likely to be curious about sex and search for porn pictures or videos online. Some children may even be addicted to pornographic websites. You need to teach your children correctly to keep them away from potential dangers. Where necessary, you can monitor their online activities to understand what they search for online.

Ways to Protect Your Kids

As a parent, you must know how to keep your children online. The best way is to talk directly to your child as if you were their friend. You must educate them about the online world so that they do not share their personal information online with strangers. There are several ways you can choose to protect your child from online hazards:

1. Look Into Protective Tools

You can keep your kids safe online by using a reliable monitoring app like iKeyMonitor. Having such a tool will give you access to all parental control features. You will be able to remotely view all of your child’s online activities. In addition, you can set time limits to prevent various inappropriate applications and games. You will get a usage report and you can view it remotely.

2. Keep Communicating

You need to keep in touch with your child and tell them deceptive tricks that online predators may use. You have to tell them in detail how to stay safe online, work with your children to understand various cyber scams and learn how to deal with them. You need to continue talking to your children and let them protect their private information. Caring for your children, not blaming them, telling them that when something is wrong online they can ask you for help. By discussing new trends with other parents, it is important to keep up with them. You need to make sure your child’s social media profile is marked as private. Be friends on all your children’s social media and with other parents. This allows you to understand ongoing trends. Sometimes your child will make a secret account. Therefore, if you find that there are not many posts on this account, you must go deeper. Again, you can use the help of other parents to learn more about the skills they follow in order to study your child’s life more deeply.
You must check your child’s phone regularly. iKeyMonitor is a reliable parental control app that keeps your child safe. It enables you to monitor all your children’s online activities, so you can take timely measures to protect them. You can also see all the conversations your child has on social media accounts. Best of all, you can easily monitor remotely without your child realizing it.


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