The Comments Your Kids Leave Online Can Come Back to Haunt Them 2024

The comments that your kids leave online on any social media platform can haunt them back. In fact, this raises a complicated question that is what risks do free reign of the internet pose to kids who are still learning about digital media, themselves, and the world around them, and what can you as parents can do to safeguard them. There is a huge number of political and polarizing reasons that this is a concerning issue, but your focus must be on the ways to guide their children into becoming responsible digital citizens.

Which Type Of Comments That Your Kids Leave Haunt Them?

Usually, kids often think that when they message their friends, the conversation will stay between them. But actually, in reality, there are all kinds of ways that online activities are recorded and stored forever. This is applicable even to apps and platforms that tout privacy features and disappearing messages, which include Snapchat, Skype, Discord, and WhatsApp. There are situations where people can take screenshots of their text messages and Snaps, and using that they can do anything they want with those details. These are some of the things that can happen just because of comments:
  • Some people may use it to confront or if your children is sexting then that may expose kids to blackmail and extortion. There are series of prejudicial texts that can subject their entire reputations to intense public scrutiny all by simply sharing a screenshot of the comments.
  • Google Docs is used as a tool for collaboration and productivity, students have been known to use it for cyberbullying, as well as it is used to target classmates they don’t like. It has been found that most of the distasteful commentary was drafted in Google Docs, where it is saved in a study guide that had been shared between multiple classmates.
  • Therefore, when anyone with access to the document can search its revision history to see what was written in the past and even what was deleted from there.

Why Should You Remain Concerned About The Comments That Your Kids Leave Online?

It’s easy to think for kids that their online activities disappear as soon as the News Feed scrolls past them, but that is an illusion. It’s important that you are aware of this situation help their kids understand that their online activities are not as fleeting as they seem. You have to make them understand that their comments can haunt them years later and for years to come. Before judging the online behavior of teens and tweens, you have to understand that kids are far from achieving adult-level maturity. It is a responsibility to protect them especially online. Here are some reasons due to which this a matter of concern for you.
  • Until their decision-making abilities and logical reasoning skills are developed you must take care of every aspect. Kids are not quite as prepared to inhabit the online world as we like to think they are.
  • Due to the fact that they speed along the Information Superhighway, their impulses can often override their judgment, and that can lead them in serious trouble.
  • Kids need constant guidance throughout their adolescence, and nowadays it is very true online, where a single comment can lead to a worldwide controversy overnight. If a children’s online activities are like a pattern of racist or indicate other problematic behaviour, then you need to step in to address the issue.

How Can You Handle The Comments That Your Kids Leave Online?

It will take lots of time and effort to mature into a responsible adult for the kids and until that happens, you should guide their children on how these incredibly powerful tools should be used and also tell them the consequences of what can happen when they’re abused. When you talk about the digital world, kids are in a better position to use them appropriately. But it can’t be a one-and-done discussion when it is regarding the safe of the kids. Here are the things that you can do to keep them protected:
  • Set phone usage rules about what your child can and can’t do when on the internet. Set time limits on their phone use.
  • ​Make browsing the web a family thing. Hang out with your kids and help them with their homework online, searching for information together. But, make sure to put the Google search filter on “safe.”
  • You can make use of monitoring tools and check their texts, chat, email, YouTube, and other social media platforms for issues that you might need to know about.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Tackling The Comments That Kids Leave Online

The role of a good monitoring app is to detect signs of cyberbullying, sexting, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more by accessing the data of the children. Most of the time, parents aren’t even aware there’s an issue until iKeyMonitor send them an alert. These are opportunities for you to understand that the children is in problem and thus offer help and guidance to their kids when they are struggling. This has become an essential tool for parenting in the digital age. Here are the features that enable you to handle the situation properly:
  • Using this app, you are able to access the kid’s device completely that means you get to know about the details of their social media information.
  • You can easily read the comments that they have posted on other’s posts. If you find anything wrong then you can talk to your children regarding it.
  • You have the option to block certain apps and games remotely using iKeyMonitor.
  • You are allowed to capture screenshots of mobile activities periodically, including photos, videos, chat apps and websites visited.
If you follow all the precautionary steps properly and ensure children, are safe online then the comments that kids leave online will not haunt them back. This will enable children to stay safe online. Overall, it is possible only when you make use of monitoring apps like iKeyMonitor to keep the children protected.


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