5 Mistakes Kids Make Online 2024

It is very common for children to make mistakes. If you find that your child is making mistakes online, why don’t you need to correct your child’s behavior accordingly. This is why parents must recognize wrong thinking and correct their children in a timely manner. Parents need not be hostile or angry when faced with their children’s mistakes. This will only make the situation worse. In fact, fewer emotions are better, because a clear mind gives you better access to all the information. As a parent, you can educate and protect your child in different ways.

Sharing Too Much Online

Some of the kids may share more than what is necessary according to which they say that it is not their fault. Especially when they don’t meet their responsibilities and they’re challenged, so they inevitably share anything online. Instead of owning up to the mistake, the child feels like the one being wronged. Children and teenagers often admire them and that may interfere with their emotional and functional development. If your child shares more than what is necessary too frequently, then actually they are harming themselves.

How to Deal with It?

  • Talk together so they understand your concerns. Explain why it’s important not to share personal information with people they don’t know online.
  • Establish Internet rules on when they can go online, how long they can go online, and what content they can share online.
  • Stay calm, listen and assure your child that you can help. Discuss any actions you may take together.

Believe Everything They See and Read Online

Teach your child to check the source of the information before sharing it! Online fact checking can be as easy as Google searching for the title of a related article.

  • Tell your kids to be cautious when surfing the web, and don’t trust strangers online.
  • Teach children how to distinguish between true and false information online.
  • Go online with your child to learn how to tell if the source of the information is reliable.

Don’t Set Their Privacy Settings Correctly

Whenever your child enter a new online platform, he/she agrees to the platform’s terms of service. Few people have read these “rules.” These terms often state “the right to change your privacy settings by reset if needed.”

  • Tell your child to always remember to protect their privacy online.
  • It is important for you to teach your child to reset their passwords monthly and to check and reset their security settings frequently.

Watching Pornography

Kids and teenagers are in the stage where they’re individuating and separating from their parents and this is the time when they make the biggest mistake that is watching pornography. Though this is a natural part of this stage of their development so often there are things that kids lie about the fact and later this may put them into trouble. There are kids who watch porn underhandedly and won’t admit to it to the parents or often they may blame somebody else.

How to Deal with It?

  • Don’t react immediately. If you notice their behavior, please tell them it is inappropriate and you will discuss it with them. However, please do it in a non-threatening manner.
  • Use these talking points to discuss pornography with your child. Now is not the time for euphemism. It is best to be honest and discuss the process using appropriate biological terms.
  • You need to investigate the source. Find out how he/she found it. An easy way is to search your browser history. With a spy app like iKeyMonitor, you can easily view its browsing history.

Making Friends With Strangers

Usually children may accept friend request from strangers which put them into more trouble. There are times when your child accepts strangers as friend on social media platforms which put them in trouble in the real life.

How to Deal with It?

  • In order to deal with this mistake of your child, you must simply and clearly set rules that they can’t make strangers friend online.
  • Talk to your kids and find out the strangers so that you can carefully tackle the situation.
  • By making use of iKeyMonitor, you can keep an eye on the activities of the child and find out whether anyone is manipulating the child for becoming their friend online.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Avoiding All these Mistakes

iKeyMonitor is a parental control solution whose prime focus is to enable parents to prevent all the online mistakes that children may make online. When you have an eye on their activities it will help children learn how to use their devices responsibly and also provide parents with the ability to monitor their child online.


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