3 Ways to Back up Telegram Chat History

Back up Telegram Chat History

Creating a Telegram backup is the most significant necessity of the present age. Many people are planning to create the backup so that all their information and data will be properly protected. However, they do not know how to make it possible. Here we have some of the ways to help you create Telegram backup and never lose the information you have.

Why Do You Need to Back up Telegram Chat History?

Similar to Snapchat, Telegram has a self-destructive message with a timer. If you stay idle for too long, your account may even destroy itself. If you lose your device or do not log in to your account for six months, the account will be automatically destroyed. Therefore you need to backup your Telegram chat history, otherwise, you will lose important information.

1. Check Your Kids’ Telegram

The child is likely to chat with strangers and make friends on the Telegram. As a parent, you need to know the content of your child ’s chat to ensure that they are not captured by online predators. View the child ’s Telegram chat history to block or delete predators.

2. Track Your Employees’ Telegram

Some unethical employees may use telegrams to divulge confidential company information. You need to monitor and back up employees’ Telegram messages as evidence to catch the leaker.

3. Save Your Important Telegram Information

If you accidentally lose your phone or delete telegram messages, what should you do? Use iKeyMonitor to monitor and back up Telegram messages to eliminate your worries.

3 Ways to Back up Telegram Chat History

The following will offer you three ways to back up the history of Telegram chat. You can choose the method that suits you.

How to Back up Telegram Chat History with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor enables you to back up Telegram chat history by logging keystrokes and capturing screenshots. Besides, it also backs up other logs on the target iPhone and Android phones, such as SMS messages, call history, call recording, websites visited, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, social chat history on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Hike, IMO and more.

Note: You need to jailbreak your iPhone before backing app Telegram chat history.

Before you start the following steps, make sure that you have physical access to the target device and the target device is jailbroken or Rooted.

    1. Sign up for a 3-day free account of iKeyMonitor Telegram backup app, password will be sent to your Email.

iKeyMonitor Telegram Backup App Sign up

    1. Click here to enter your Email and password to log into the Cloud Panel.

iKeyMonitor Telegram Backup App Log in

    1. Follow the installation Wizard to download and install iKeyMonitor to the target device.

iKeyMonitor Telegram Backup App install

    1. For iPhone, open Safari and enter http://localhost:8888 to access iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor Telegram Backup App access

    1. For Android, open dial board and enter #8888* to visit iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor Telegram Backup App access

    1. Enter your license key and tap on Login to register iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor Telegram Backup App license

You are able to back up Telegram chat history to an online cloud panel so that you can view or download it using any device.

How to Save Telegram Chat History with Chrome Web

    1. Open Chrome and enter https://web.telegram.org.
    2. Select your country and enter your Phone number to log into Telegram Web version.

    1. Select one contact that you want to backup.

    1. Press Ctrl+P, select Change to choose a method to save your chat history.

  1. Click Save to save Telegram chat messages and photos.

It’s free and convenient to back up Telegram chat history with Chrome Web. But you can only save the chat history on the computer. If you want to view your Telegram backup on your mobile phone, you need to transfer it to your phone.

How to Back up Telegram Chat with Chrome Extension: Save Telegram Chat History

    1. Open Chrome Web Store.
    2. Enter Save Telegram Chat history to search the extension.

    1. Add the extension to Chrome.

    1. Enter https://web.telegram.org in Google and log in to Telegram Web version.
    2. Tap on the icon of the extension on the up right corner of Chrome, wait several minutes for downloading.

    1. After the downloading, you can click the Save button to Save Telegram Chat history.

It’s free to save Telegram chat history with Chrome Extension, but you have to spend a long time waiting for downloading the Telegram backup.

How iKeyMonitor Helps You Track Telegram?

iKeyMonitor is a mobile phone monitoring app that provides multiple spying functions. You can use it to monitor the online activities of children or employees and back up someone ’s chat messages. It offers a free plan for you to download.

1. Record Telegram Keystrokes

iKeyMonitor records the keys of the target device, including pasted text in all applications, so that you can clearly know what happened on Telegram.

2. Monitor Telegram Chat History

You can monitor and back up chat messages sent and received in the Telegram. You can view these monitoring records remotely via email to take corresponding actions.

3. Get Alerts on Telegram Messages

You can set Telegram alert words in iKeyMonitor. Whenever the alerts are detected, you will receive an email. In this way, you can master the Telegram activity of children or employees.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

In addition to monitoring social chat apps like Telegram, iKeyMonitor also monitors SMS text messages, call history, screenshots, installed apps, etc. The following will introduce some key features of iKeyMonitor:

1. Capture Screenshots

iKeyMonitor regularly takes screenshots of mobile activities including photos, videos, chat apps, and visited websites. It can intuitively display the operations performed on the target device. It can also capture screenshots about touch operations or when warning words are detected in keystrokes or application names.

2. Screen Time Limit

iKeyMonitor supports limiting the screen time on the target device. This feature allows you to limit the time children or employees spend on smartphones to keep them away from smartphone addiction.

3. GPS Tracking

iKeyMontior tracks the GPS location of the target device at preset time intervals, so you can clearly know where the user has been or where they are currently. This GPS tracking app can well locate children’s location, capture insider threats, and retrieve lost mobile devices.

Here is how to save Telegram chat. Make sure that you create the Telegram backup so that you will not have to deal with the data loss issues again. If you want to check what your kids and employees are doing on Telegram, download iKeyMonitor and get all the information that you need.


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