TeenSafe Phone Monitoring App Leaks Thousands of User IDs and Passwords

It was reported that TeenSafe, a kind of phone monitoring app which had claimed to be a secure monitoring app owned more than 1 million users, had leaked thousands of user IDs and Passwords.

Two Leaky Servers of Teensafe Were Discovered

TeenSafe spy application said that there is no need to obtain consent from kids if parents want to monitor them with this app. They only need to get their kids’ iCloud credentials and disable the 2-factor authentification. But with insecure servers, their private data will be hacked without difficulty.

Two leaky servers were discovered by Robert Wiggins and they were both shut down after TeenSafe had been alerted by ZDNet. Learn More.

iKeyMonitor Phone Monitoring App Is Different from Teensafe

Different from those monitoring apps with security issues, the data transmission of iKeyMonitor is encrypted by SSL and the data storage server is protected with strict security policies and web firewalls. In addition, iKeyMonitor phone monitoring app works offline, which means you can choose to receive monitoring logs via Email rather than an online server.


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