Snapchat “Cosmo After Dark” Chanel Exposing Teens to X-rated Content 2024

Snapchat “Cosmo After Dark”

The phenomenon of teens getting exposed to X-rated content is increasing day by day through Snapchat “Cosmo after dark. These days instant messaging apps are one of the biggest communication tools. Over the years when it is getting popular especially among youngsters. Nowadays they are getting used to Snapchat as a dating app. Recently, it has come up with a “Cosmo After Dark” channel that exposing teens to X–rated content. Due to which it is taking teens towards the sex-focused publication. That implies young tweens and teens are exposing to the adult content by using this app. You are unaware of the facts that kids and teens are doing on social media apps so it becomes essential that you remain aware of what is happening around the children.

What Does Snapchat “Cosmo After Dark” Mean?

Snapchat introduced a new channel which is named as “Cosmo After Dark”. Through its own language, the particular channel is an X-rated weekly edition which usually comes live on regularly every Friday at 6 pm.  This is exclusively arranged for sexually explicit content. The fact is that you are unaware of the feature and even who knows about it cannot do anything. Some of the essential fact regarding this feature in Snapchat:

  • There are almost no parental controls on Snapchat so that implies that the discover section of Snapchat is the real mess for you and hence you remain helpless for the teen’s digital safety.
  • The instant messaging app Snapchat is not remaining the same it is bringing hazards for your child.
  • There are particular sexualized channels that can be accessed on the Snapchat discover section which was introduced for the women between the ages of 18 – 34.
  • Nowadays, young teens and school-going teens start visiting “Cosmo After Dark” Online on Snapchat and it is turning mobile phone devices into the best sex toy for teens.

Why Snapchat “Cosmo After Dark” Is Dangerous?

Particularly, there is a number of reasons due to which this feature should be considered dangerous. As teens use Snapchat more than anyone and minimum spend two hours a day. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps among teens so they will surely use it.  The social messaging app has a structure to addict teens to be the daily use and as an addiction is termed as Snapchat streak. It can create a psychic disorder in teens. In such cases they may think if she doesn’t respond to Snapchat friend which will offend them and their popularity graph may decline than their peers. Here are some of the reasons due to this feature in Snapchat is considered extremely dangerous:

  • Usually, teens use location feature “pinch to zoom” on the story page and find out the location from where friends are posting.
  • There is a number of cyber predators such as stalkers, bullies, online and they find out the exact GPS location of teens.
  • There are occasions when teens used to share their Snapchat user name on Instagram which is quite dangerous.
  • This will make them even more vulnerable for the Instagram profile as shared passwords with friends can be turned vulnerable such as sharing inappropriate content.

What Can You Do To Control Snapchat’s “Cosmo After Dark” Impacts?

Snapchat brings in many negative effects for teens like anxiety, depression, cyberbullying, sleeping disorders and moreover addiction to x –rated content through “Cosmo After Dark”. It is taking your children towards sexually explicit stuff that is quite dangerous for underage children. That’s the reason you need to have honest insight into what is on Snapchat. Smartphones and internet access are becoming a big problem for children. It is turning a place where teens and kids are doing shaming activities. Here are a few steps that you can follow to protect children:

  • If your teens use Snapchat, make sure their birthday is correct in the app. According to Snapchat, this will provide some protection against inappropriate content.
  • If you’re worried that your children might want to modify their birthday to access adult content, then you can lock the edits by changing the birthday on your children’s phones until the maximum number of attempts is reached.
  • If your children are under 13 years old, don’t allow them to use social media. The messy app and texting are very risky.
  • Use a realiable parental control app such as iKeyMonitor. Monitor content, track usage, and block inappropriate content.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting Teens From Snapchat “Cosmo After Dark”?

When you are using a reliable monitoring app you can relax that your children are not up to something wrong. You can make use of iKeyMonitor which empowers you to trace out the self-destructed Snapchat messages with the help of an android screen capturing feature. After you have the screen activity details you can check what your children are up to. If anything, inappropriate is found in the snapchat app or any other app you should immediately take action. These are some of the features of iKeyMonitor which enables you to keep children protected:

  • It enables you to remotely get access to the social media app and capture screenshots sent/received messages of Snapchat.
  • You are allowed to download all the captured screenshot from the iKeyMonitor online Cloud panel and read the content of the messages.
  • When it is about Snapchat discover section and the most popular x–rated content of “Cosmo After Dark” you can take a live screen recording of the target android device screen running with Snapchat and check the activities of the children.
  • You can view short videos of the screen and the recorded videos in the Cloud Panel.

Hence, for protecting the children from Snapchat “Cosmo After Dark” parents must know what teens and tweens are doing after visiting at Snapchat discover section. This will protect teens from unwanted exposure to X-rated content. Usage of a monitoring app like iKeyMonitor will surely make your task manifold easier and your children will definitely stay protected.

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