Best automatic Screen Recorder: Record Screen Activity Remotely 2024

iKeyMonitor automatic screen recorder is the best invention to ensure the safety of your children in the dangerous online world. This parental control app can send you image snapshots of the activities your children have performed on their devices in the past. You can check these screenshots to see if your children are in danger or trouble. Using iKeyMonitor best spy screen recorder, you can take timely measures to protect your children.

Why Do You Need A automatic Screen Recorder?

If you want to monitor your children or employees, a secret screenshot recorder can provide key information about what they are doing on their phones. You can know exactly what app they are using, and you can visually see what they are sending and receiving without guessing. Therefore, if you find any suspicious or threatening content, you can take immediate action.

Parental Control

If you want to know what your children download, read, or discuss on their phones, a free screen recorder can provide a solution. It can provide you with snapshots of the apps and websites your kids visit on their devices, which means that if you find any inappropriate content, you can immediately intervene.

protect your kids

Employee Monitoring

With the best screen recorder, you will always be aware of all your employees’ online activities, so you can ensure that your team is always focused on work. In addition, if an unethical employee leaks company secrets, you can quickly find out and take steps.

Monitor Your Employees

How to Get iKeyMonitor automatic Screen Recorder?

iKeyMonitor best automatic screen recorder is a secret screen recording app that helps you remotely capture screenshots of your target screen. Here are the steps to install it:

  1. Sign up for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
  3. You can go to LogsScreenshots – app to check all screenshots.


Record Screen Activity Remotely with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor records many screen activities, such as SMS text messages, calls, and chat messages on popular IM chat apps. It also tracks keystrokes, GPS locations, photos, videos, and web history. Here are some key features of iKeyMonitor:

Capture Screenshots to Detect Suspicious Photo

iKeyMonitor regularly takes screenshots of mobile activities, including photos, videos, chat apps, and visited websites. This way, you can tell if your children are video chatting with strangers online or addicted to violent mobile games.

Capture Screenshots

Set Screen Time Limit

iKeyMonitor supports limiting the screen time on the target devices. This feature allows you to limit the time your children spend on the screen, and you can freely block specific apps at any time.

Screen Time Limit

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Happened

iKeyMonitor keylogger tracks every keystroke typed on the target device, including pasted text, so you can clearly know what is happening on your children’s phones and whether you need to take steps to protect them.

Track Keystrokes

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities

With this feature, you can immediately receive notifications when your children perform dangerous or improper operations on their phones. In this way, when they fall into threats, cyberbullying, violence, and other unnecessary troubles, you can take timely measures to protect them.

get alerts

As a responsible parent, you need to pay close attention to your children’s screens to protect them from online dangers. iKeyMonitor automatic screen recorder is your essential tool. It is one of the best tracking tools specially designed for monitoring children’s screens. Download it to monitor your children’s screen from now!


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iKeyMonitor Team is a team of parental control experts with over 16 years of experience in parental control apps and phone tracking tools. Started in 2009, iKeyMonitor is now the most powerful monitoring and control application for parents.

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