Saving Kids From Danger

The story is about my children facing a lot of threatening calls from a friend of their own. As parents, we can judge from the facial expression that something is wrong. However, after asking our children, we did not get a satisfactory response. I want to find out the truth because that is about my own children. So when I explored the Internet, I came across many different parental control apps that were expected to monitor and track what was happening on the phone. However, they are just fakes and require a lot of money. When talking to a colleague at work, he recommended iKeyMonitor to me. He introduced me to the real advantages of this app and the benefits of tracking the surrounding environment. Initially, I thought it would be the same as other monitoring applications and ignored it, but iKeyMonitor proved that I was completely wrong.

How Does iKeyMonitor Work?

Installing iKeyMonitor on any mobile device is easy. In fact, I looked at the video tutorial on the website, which gradually guided the installation process. No matter what mobile device you are using, all you need to do is to use a few minutes for a secret installation (In my case, my child is sleeping while iKeyMonitor is installing on his phone). Once you are done, you can log in to your account and view all the monitoring records remotely. It can help you track calls, text messages, and even keystrokes.

1. Sign up

Sign up for a free account of iKeyMonitor.

2. Log in to the Cloud Panel

Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor to the target device.

3. Install iKeyMonitor

Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key (No install needed for iPhone / iPad no-jailbreak spy).

4. Start Spying

Start spying on your children’s phones on the Cloud Panel.

The Most Helpful Features of iKeyMonitor

Features provided by iKeyMonitor include tracking GPS locations, recording keystrokes, capturing screenshots, viewing chat messages on the social chat app, images and videos, and even listening to phone surroundings. As far as I am concerned, I want to track the situation of my child at school. The most impressive feature of me is “ Listen to Phone Surroundings”. This feature turns on the recording as if it were recorded normally on any mobile device, but does not let this person (my child) know this. With this feature, I can listen to everything that happens around my child (whether at school, at game time or at any party). You can use iKeyMonitor to record the sound around your phone. When your child starts chatting around the phone, iKeyMonitor logs the voice or conversation and uploads it to the online user account.

In addition to this feature, iKeyMonitor allows you to track the GPS location of any mobile device. Whenever I want to know where my child is, I can check the child’s real-time location. This is really helpful for parents and employers, for example, if you want to know if your child is in the place where he/she should be (school/home), or if you want to know if the company’s employees actually work in the company instead of sneaking out.

How to Check the Monitoring Logs Remotely?

iKeyMonitor supports sending the monitoring logs via email at preset intervals, so you don’t need to log in to your online account to view the spying records. As long as you want, you can view the logs anytime, anywhere.


iKeyMonitor has really proved a life-saving application for me and would recommend every parent/employee/whoever needs to monitor or spy. There are many different applications available in the market which will promise you amazing offers and prices, they are just not true. Don’t waste your time investing in any other app. Trust me. If you really looking to monitor or spy on anyone’s mobile device and have access to that device for installation, I would definitely recommend iKeyMonitor.

Real User Story

Vishal Agarwal
Wednesday, October 23, 2019 @ 07:42:33 pm


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