Its a life saving keep my child in control

I am Gowthami, I grew up and studied at High School in 2008 when Mobile phones, internet, Facebook and other social media apps not used by many people in my Country. However, I had concern for his safety so I handed the mobile phone back to him and told him that I was worrying about him and need to call and check him every day.

Monitors the activities like social media, calls & location
I shared the problem with a friend of mine and he suggested me to use iKeyMonitor to remotely monitor my nephew’s mobile phone activities and monitor his movement for safety purpose. I did not even own a single mobile phone during those times. The fact was he did this only when I presented and hold it back when I was not around. The process is easy so I did it myself. At first I did not know what would be like, and how the results of the monitoring app would appear in my ikeyMonitor account in my device. Example, Apps and types, games websites, sms, voice messenger, gps, emails, call logs, and etc. On the other hand, I did not know that the mobile phone would affect his academic performance. This keep me alert.

Social Media: Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike etc.

He concentrated more on mobile phone games, internet and Facebook than his school home works. I have seen no better changes in his academic performance, so I asked him to hand over the mobile phone to me to keep it at home until his holiday comes then I would hand it back to him. Since he knew I remotely monitor his mobile phone activities with iKeyMonitor, he concentrated more on his studies which leads to his excellent academic performance he did recently in his unit tests in various subject. I now concentrate more on my job rather than spending time thinking about other things that relates to safety, education, and movement of my kids and those I care about. I also left to work as usual. He continued to say that this would help him (my nephew) to concentrate more on his study than mobile phone as the app (iKeyMonitor) would reveal his mobile phone activities and social media activities to me. I followed instructions and connect up my nephew’s device with mine. It helps me control mobile activities, social media, movements, contacts and internet activities of my Nephew.

calls and messages, Call recording, whatsapp messages, photos
key strokes, clipboard & screenshots

I found iKeyMonitor to be very useful in remotely monitoring of mobile phone and internet activities of kids. We are happy for his excellent performance in his units tests and we expect him to pass his Form 6 exams to continue to Form 7. His academic performance was going low. I followed the instructions and registered my account with iKeyMonitor free of charge. I kept his mobile phone for about 2 weeks. A month later, I began to see changes he made towards his home study. “OK”, He replied. On the next day he went to school on a bus. Recognizing this, I told him to put mobile phone away and concentrate on his studies while at home.

Furthermore, the following are features I like most in iKeyMonitor
Movement –Shown in GPS: the location I knew that are safe and not safe to go. iKeyMonitor is the best app I used to remotely monitor activities on nephew’s mobile phone, which result in his excellent academic performance. As a guardian, I want to call and check on him every day to ensure everything is OK with him, so I bought him an android mobile phone. He obeyed and listened to me and I trusted him because IKeyMonitor app reveal all activities done with his mobile phone.

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