Why is it mandatory to restrict access to apps on iPhone? 2024

It’s essential for parents to restrict access to apps on iPhone as iPhone is gaining an increasing number of users of different ages. iPhone has become an emblem of status and reputation. Those who are having iPhone feel proud and special from other smartphone users. iPhone runs iOS operating system whereas other smartphones run Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows. iPhone maintains its exclusivity as it has such operating system which no other brand except Apple is permitted to use. iOS is known for its multitasking feature and downloading varying kinds of apps which often Android is not permitted to. In such situation when a child gets an iPhone he makes an attempt to get the most out of it. So it is necessary for every parent to restrict iPhone app. One needs to be seriously mindful about choosing and purchasing the parental control app.

Why restrict access to apps on iPhone?

Why do parents need to set restrictions on iPhone? The answer is obvious. Apps are available in wide variety and kids love accessing apps which seem to be entirely different from others, besides there are games and videos which trigger negative emotions within a child. A child may feel disturbed, disappointed and even try to imitate what they see. Without a protecting app, it is not possible to restrict their curious approach, and it’s also impossible to keep an eye on their whereabouts all the time. In such situation, one needs to be smarter and make use of something technically innovative.

One may try out iKeyMonitor as this is the best parental control app to set restrictions on iPhone as this app is especially prepared to set up different rules to restrict phone apps. It can filter inappropriate websites like Porn/Phishing. No matter what words are typed, what social networking sites are accessed, no matter what apps are to be downloaded, you will get full information as iKeyMonitor is the protecting shield which helps you track and monitor everything.

Why choose iKeyMonitor to restrict access to apps on iPhone?

When children grow up, their inquisitiveness also grows. And they move towards whatever seems tantalizing at a fast pace. While children get a chance to access iPhone, children go on downloading items whenever they get a chance as downloading is easier. So you need to restrict apps on iPhone. iKeyMonitor is the best app, with which you can log notes/reminders/voice memos, record keystrokes and passwords Entered, block apps/games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store. With such facilities, you don’t have to scoff off your children whenever thee touch iPhone. With iKeyMonitor, you are able to get excessive parental control authority.

Some essential features of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the best spy app with which you can restrict iPhone apps easily. There are few key features learning about which, will make you realize, why this app should be using at the first place.

  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone
  • Keep Track of Web Activities
  • Record WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Line/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook Messages
  • Log Typed Chat Conversations
  • Monitor Social Networking Activity
  • Record Entered Email Content
  • Capture Screenshots Periodically
  • Track Cell Phone GPS Locations
  • Log Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos
  • Log Events in Calendar
  • Log All Contacts on iPhone
  • Block Apps/Games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store
  • Filter Inappropriate Websites like Porn/Phishing
  • Limit Screen Time on iPhone

As the most professional and powerful spy app, iKeyMonitor not only restricts access to apps on iPhone with different rules, but also monitors every activity on the target iPhone in detail. You can have a three-day free trial before purchasing. Surely, you won’t be disappointed by its overall and professional functions.


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