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Many parents use parental control software to monitor their kids’ activities on the cellphones in order to keep them safe on the Internet. With the increasing popularity of cheap and powerful smartphones among teenagers, anxious and responsible parents want to try something like iKeyMonitor parental control software to ensure their kids’ safety in the digital world.

Why Use Parental Control Software?

Teenagers nowadays not only surf online through the computer but also access the Internet via mobile phone. What’s more, teens are more dependent on cellphones than before. They contact with friends by sending text messages in social apps and making calls, access the Internet by mobile phone network. Teenagers’ phone activity has become another issue which touches parents’ nerve.

As a parent, you may be worried about your children’s phone activity. Do they text some bad guys? Do they visit porn sites via the mobile browser? But how can you know your children’s phone activity? And you wonder to find a way to get known what they are actually doing on the mobile phone. You need some parental control app to keep an eye on the kids’ mobile phones. Now, a smart mobile phone parental control app — iKeyMonitor android spy app, will help to make parents at ease.

Functions of Parental Control App

You can easily install a silent parental control application on your kid’s phone. iKeyMonitor Android spy app can record all activities on the mobile phone in total parental control, and no traces will be left. Besides, it doesn’t matter if kids delete their call and message logs. iKeyMonitor Android Spy App will record the logs anyway. 

  • Keep SMS text messages
  • Monitor chats in WhatsApp/Facebook/Viber/Line/WeChat…
  • Record inbound and outbound phone calls
  • Track websites visited
  • Capture screenshots of phone activities
  • Record voice messages
  • Send alert notifications
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Log keystrokes entered
  • View the logs remotely
  • Record activities automatically

With the best parental control software, iKeyMonitor Android spy app, you can exactly know what kids do on their mobile phone. Once you detect that your kids text some bad guys or watch porn sites on the phone according to the Android Spy App logs, you can talk to your kids and give them proper guidance and advice in time.


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