Monster Messenger Monitoring: What Parents Should Know 2024

Monster Messenger Monitoring: What Parents Should Know

Monster Messenger is a popular social media app. It is considered safe for children. But some recent reports raise the question, is the app really safe for kids? The app has some built-in security features, but it does not reduce the risk for children to use the app. Therefore, although the app is considered to have some security, there are still some vulnerabilities that make parental control very important.

As a parent, you should educate yourself about the “safe” features of Monster Messenger and how to make the app 100% safe for your children by using a parental control app.

What Is Monster Messenger?

This app is available on Android and iOS platforms. It is designed to provide instant messaging services like Facebook, the only difference is that it was developed for children under 13 years of age. Monster Messenger has many unique and interesting features. Here are some features of Monster Messenger:

  • This app allows kids to choose from a wide variety of stickers to add to photos or send them as messages.
  • Monster Messenger handles the risk factors that require parental monitoring in the app. Automatically reviewing publicly published content is a big feature of Monster Messenger. With this feature, you can rest assured that your child is less at risk of seeing inappropriate content (in the form of text or pictures) online.

Is Monster Messenger Safe?

Compared to other apps, Monster Messenger is safer for your kids. The reason is obvious, this is a child-friendly app for kids under 13. It has some great features that will protect your child from some types of online threats. One such feature is automatic review, which automatically keeps tags on all publicly available content. If your children meet a stranger and the stranger contacts your children, the app will generate an email notifying you.

The app also allows you to report and block contacts if they bully or harass your children. Sign in to your parent account, go to your children’s settings and block contacts. If you want to take a screenshot of the child-to-person conversation, you should do it before blocking the contact.

So Monster Messenger seems safe for your kids, right? However, this app is not everything right. It has some risk factors for your child, including the following:

  • The main risk is that adults may pretend to be children. Your children are at high risk of online bullying unless you are notified and prevent contact with strangers.
  • News sources are another risk factor. If audited, there is a risk by opening the contact circle.
  • Worst of all, until you read the notification and you hear your children complain, you will never know that he/she is having problems with the app.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Child Safe?

In today’s high-end technology era, it is impossible to keep children completely away from smartphones and the Internet. But as a parent, you should also educate your children about online safety. For example, tell them about the different types of online threats and other hazards they may encounter while online. Here are some simple and effective ways to protect your children from online predators:

  • Start educating your children. Talk to your kids about the potential risks that he/she may face while using the Internet.
  • Learn more about the features of Monster Messenger so that you can introduce your kid to the ‘safe’ and ‘risk’ factors of this app.
  • Install a parental control app on your kid’s smartphone to receive instant notifications as soon as your children face bullies or threats online.

Why iKeyMonitor?

Admittedly, Monster Messenger has some security features. However, it is not 100% safe for your children. You can ensure that the app is completely safe for your children by installing iKeyMonitor. As a parent, you are lucky because there are several excellent parental monitoring apps that can continuously and carefully monitor your child’s browsing habits and online activities. These apps are easy to install and use. Of all the spy apps, iKeyMonitor is widely regarded as the most effective parental control app, which can help you watch your children’s online activities remotely and 24×7.

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