How to Monitor Phone Activity on Android and iPhone? 2024

How to monitor phone activity on Android and iPhone? Nowadays, everybody is fond of using social platforms and the internet and this interest are equally divided among the individuals of every age. Maybe your child is watching the content which is not appropriate for his age. He watches anything and everything coming in front of him. Hence, it is quite essential to monitor phone activity of your kid to keep a look at what they are doing on their mobile phones. Most of the software having monitoring and parental control apps come with amazing features that help the parents to look after their children. Among the several apps, iKeyMonitor is the best app used for checking the phone activities of your child.

Why Is Monitoring Phone Activity Important?

As a parent, you may be curious about your child searching and scrolling on his phone. Let us discuss the reasons why it is necessary to monitor your child’s mobile activity.

  • There are multiple websites in addition to educational ones. You may have given your child a phone for the study purpose but the child does not study every time. The wrong sites can appeal to them and they harm the innocent minds of children. Therefore it is quite essential to check their activities for their protection. It is the best way to protect them.
  • Research has been shown that kidnapping increases by 50 percent by WhatsApp, Facebook, and other grounds of social media from the last 15 years. So, you can check to find if anything wrong happens.
  • Sometimes, your child makes unknown friends that are guiding him wrong or harming his brain. You can bring your child by taking every measure if you are heading to monitor his activities.

How iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Phone Activity?

iKeyMonitor makes life easy for parents. There are multiple features that assist you in connecting and tracking the activities of their child and check out while they are going towards the right or wrong side. If you want your son to save from the insecurities of the internet, you can choose iKeyMonitor which can certainly help you. Here are some of the benefits of iKeyMonitor:

  • It helps to track someone’s phone activity that what is going in the phone by just approaching this app. It will show you what you are looking for.
  • Check out the text messages to find out with whom your child is talking. If he is indulged in a bad company, you can protect him at the right time.
  • Check out chats and sharing of the social accounts. Also, check out what are his friends and followers. You can also see his liked pages to find out his interests.
  • Follow the browsing history to see what your child is searching for. You can monitor the complete device of your child through this app.

Features of iKeyMonitor

Well, now let’s discuss some of the important features of iKeyMonitor.

  • You can pay attention to the iKeyMonitor which allows the individual to get complete monitoring on the phone of your kids without their awareness.
  • This app permits the parents for checking the activities like calls, chats, browsing histories and also provide you the access to the social media accounts.
  • If this app is working, it will help you to alert with the location of your child. Therefore, this app makes the parents feel free from any kind of their kid’s tension. They feel that their children are safe from entering into the wrong hands.

Why Choose iKeyMonitor to Monitor Phone Activity on Android/ iPhone?

Internet is full of informational as well as dirty content. You kid may be attracted to the wrong side which is then difficult for you to make them right. So, still confused? If you are searching for the app to monitor phone activity of your kids, then you are at the right place. Because here we are offering iKeyMonitor.

  • It is among the famous and trusted app of spying. It provides additional smart features and it is quite easy to use.
  • This is the best tool to track cell phone activity on both iPhone and Android, coming with reasonable packages. You can choose the one that suits you.
  • It is the easiest approach that saves your son from the wrong hands. It is established in accordance with the needs of the parents. It provides you the best results at a fast pace. Hence, if you are looking for something that protects your child, just go for it.

In short, it is the need of the day to monitor phone activity of your child. For this, iKeyMonitor is the best app for parents who really care for their children. With the advancement of technology and time, it keeps you alert with what your child is doing. So, don’t waste time. Just download this app and select the packages that fit you according to your needs. Get the complete know-how about your children on their phones.


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