MeToo Has Gone Viral: Teens Being Sexually Harassed by Fellows at Schools 2024

MeToo that has hit the world and went viral. It is continuously encouraging women and teens to speak up about that harassment they have either faced once or more than once in their lives or still facing. This campaign has gone viral over the last year among women. Women all around the world came up with their stories of being sexually harassed at the workplace, streets, and there are some in the school and colleges. It is concerned about the real-life stories and the magnitude of sexual assault on women.  So, teens who are sexually harassed at school or college had the opportunity to express their feelings.

What Is the MeToo Campaign?

The #MeToo campaign has influenced thousands of young teens to come up with their real-life stories of being sexually harassed at schoolyards. The number of teens said that their fellows have touched their breast and it was not consensual at all.  Mostly teens came forward on social media sites such as Twitter that they have experienced harassment and assault at their school. The culprits who were involved are young boys, teachers and even sometimes the people working in the school administration. There is no doubt very tough to handle for a young girl studying in the school where children usually attack other children in a disrespectful way. Here are some harsh facts regarding Me too campaign:
  • The MeToo campaign is a campaign against sexual harassment and sexual assault.
  • The campaign was founded by the victim of sexual harassment and activist Tarana Burke.
  • The campaign began viral marketing on social media as a topic tag in October 2017 in an attempt to demonstrate the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment, especially in the workplace.
  • At the suggestion of a friend, the word was later promoted on Twitter by American actress Alyssa Milano in 2017. Milano encourages victims of sexual harassment to post tweets and “make people aware of the seriousness of the problem”.

Sexual Harassment In School

Adolescents often experience many types of sexual harassment at school, such as “the sexist remarks, frequent meows in practice, these things often happen.” Many cases have been reported through the “MeToo” theme tag, in which teenagers face slaps in the face and was whistled. They don’t seem to flirt at all in this way, but it is disrespectful.

An anonymous Broadview survey

  • About 86% of teenage students have sexual harassment on their body parts
  • According to reports, 93% of teenagers have experienced hypnosis
  • 69% of people have been sexually harassed
  • 44% of teenagers have experienced the requirement to seek sex
  • 39% of teenage students face groping

How to Stop Sexual Harassment In School?

For parents:

Parental involvement is critical to long-term behavioral change. In many cases, parents need to educate their children about sexual harassment and its harmful effects to help them identify sexual harassment and respond appropriately. In the event of harassment, children needs to inform the victim and the offender’s parent details in order to resolve the emotional and developmental needs of both parties.

For the teacher:

Teaching students how to deal with harassment. Teaching students build confidence and build strong personal boundaries. When they encounter objectionable and inappropriate behavior, they must tell their classmates to stop. Bystanders must also speak out loud when harassment occurs.

How Is MeToo Campaign Helpful For Parents?

Girls are mostly being sexually assaulted at every place and even in schoolyards. Those who faced sexual misconduct at school usually got trouble sleeping are more as compare to the boys. Some of them don’t want to attend school while some teens change their way to visit the school. The sexual harassment usually takes place among young girls and a number of young girls commit suicide after being harassed, raped and being assaulted repeatedly. That’s why parents should remain aware of the MeToo campaign because if your children have faced any such circumstance and they express things there instead of conveying you then you must know it before they take any extreme step. Here are a few ways by which the MeToo Campaign is helpful for you:
  • Bullying is an initial stage of sexual harassment where young boys and girls bullied or harassed their other fellow. Such harassment brings effects on the behavior of the victims, education, lifestyle, cognitive skills, and confidence and mostly on their health.
  • Students who belong to upper-income households reportedly have faced sexual assault at school life as well as students belonging to lower-income households were more likely to faced unwelcome harassment from the fellows belongs to high-income households in schools.
  • The campaign started against sexual harassment without the shadow of the doubt. It has provided woman with much confidence of the world and even to teens who are studying in school.

How Can You Prevent Sexual Harassment With the Help Of MeToo?

Many women who faced sexual misconduct at the workplace can use #MeToo and can unveil the irrational behavior. But when it is regarding young kids and teens at school parents have to stay updated about each and every incident that has taken place with their teens at school. You can use the campaign against any evil act and get to know what is happening with teens at the moment. Parents can use parenting app that can clearly provide the surround situation of kids and teens at school time. Here are a few ways by which parents can prevent sexual harassment of children:
  • Monitoring app can capture images of the Android phone stay updated all the time about teens at school. In-case a fellow of your teen threatening your teen through text messages and calls you can monitor live calls and listen to the conversations through call monitoring tool of cell phone monitoring app for androids.
  • Apart from that you must read sent or received text messages such as SMS, MMS, and heads up tickers’ notification. If you find that on calls, text messages or over the social media that fellow of your teens harassing your teen then you can delete these types of gestures on teen’s cell phone with a remote phone controller for Android.
  • Above all, you should remotely block text messages, incoming calls and blocks internet on the target android cell phone.

iKeyMonitor Helps in Dealing with Sexual Harassment

By using a monitoring tool like iKeyMonitor, you can view the shared media files such as photos and videos. It will provide users access to the gallery of the smartphone using the online control panel. In case you find that your teen has got serious trouble or harassment in the school you can monitor the GPS location of your teen and can find out the current and exact location of your teen where she is present and can get an affirmative action to protect your child. Here are some useful features:
  • It allows you to remotely monitor online activities on your children’s phones.
  • If your teen herself willingly gets trapped by someone online using social media and you think this could be dangerous for teens then the app notifies you about it.
  • You can view text messages, chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos to protect your kids online.
It’s your responsibility to protect teens from sexual harassment. iKeyMonitor is the ultimate and reliable tool to prevent evil incidents from your children’s lives.


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