Teen Pregnancy Prevention In Schools 2024

Today, teen pregnancy is a problem that parents, schools, and society must work together to solve. Although the incidence of such incidents has declined over the past few years, appropriate measures are still needed to take to control it. Every year, a large number of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 give birth to a child. The situation of teen pregnancy is unexpected for most families. It has a terrible influence on children and families. Therefore, parents and schools should find ways to prevent this situation.

Effects of Teen Pregnancy

In addition to the life of a young mother, it also has an impact on the lives of other your children. Sometimes the teen pregnancy solution is to terminate a pregnancy or give the baby to someone else for adoption. No matter what steps are taken, the entire family has to undergo emotional, economic and social influences.

Emotional Effects

When parents know that teenagers are pregnant, teenagers must face their denial, guilt, and anger. Sometimes the family of young fathers also faces similar feelings. Depending on the family’s religious beliefs, fear of rejection may also arise. Many parents believe that adolescents are pregnant because of bad parenting style. In addition, pregnant teenagers are frustrated with the whole situation.

Economic Effects

Regardless of the decision made by the adolescent mother, whether she wants to terminate her pregnancy or raise her baby, the whole process will put economic pressure on the family. Therefore, as a consequence of teenage pregnancy, there are lots of financial obligations that the teen and the family have to face.

Other Effects

Usually, teen pregnancy comes with huge challenges. It is even challenging for the teenager’s mother who is going to raise her grandchild. In most cases, these expanded obligations compromise her ability to care for her children which may lead to more cases of unwanted pregnancies.

School’s Role In Teen Pregnancy

School is the place where the teen spends most of their time. So, schools serve a vital role in preventing teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy statistics show that schools and parents are equally responsible for tackling this issue. The followings are some comprehensive approaches that must be taken by the schools:

  • A school must promote academic success, self-worth, and correctness among children. This can reduce high-risk behaviors of the teens.
  • Furthermore, schools should implement comprehensive programs which include education, support, and entertainment to enable teenagers to grow healthily.
  • Carry out activities aimed at paying attention to youth mental health.
  • Conduct educational lectures on relevant knowledge to educate young people about teen pregnancy issues and challenges.

Parent’s Role In Teen Pregnancy

Parents can do a lot to prevent teen pregnancy. In most cases, adolescents are pregnant with people who have a relationship with them. First, parents must talk to their children about this situation. Adolescents must be aware of the consequences they must face due to such incidents. Before that, parents must know if the child is pregnant. This is only possible if you check the teen’s cell phone and find out who they are in contact with. Checking teenagers’ phones is not easy. But using a spy app like iKeyMonitor can help you track their online activities remotely. Powerful spying options will make it easy to prevent such events. Here are some features of the spy app:

  • It tracks sent and received SMS text messages, call history, call recording and phone surroundings.
  • You can access chat conversations on different social media like WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Instagram, Facebook and more.
  • It allows you to capture screenshots of the photos/videos played on the screen.
  • You can also view the GPS locations, clipboard, website visited and keystrokes.

Therefore, both schools and parents must actively organize and participate in activities to prevent teen pregnancy. Schools can achieve this aim by launching a variety of courses. Parents need to install a spy app like iKeyMonitor to keep an eye on children’s activities.

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