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LGBTQ Youth And Suicide: What Can Parents Do 2022

LGBTQ Youth And Suicide: What Can Parents Do

The LGBTQ youth and suicide cases have been increased with time. Time has evolved and in the past few years, we have seen the LGBTQ community rising. But the main concern is why the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth are facing such a situation.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in suicide among LGBTQ Youth. But this is not going in the correct direction. The LQBTQ youth has a complete and equal right to live, just like any other human. Also, the factors that spark the issues of suicide in the LGBTQ youth need to be figured. But before all of that, the LQBTQ youth needs acceptance. The acceptance from the close people, family, friends, and parents matter a lot. Parents play a vital role in making or breaking the situation for the LGBTQ youth. At this time, where everyone has a problem with accepting them, they need their support system to be strong.

Why Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth Is Increasing?

Suicide is an alarming phenomenon and it is becoming common among the youth. Also, according to the statistics, we see the LGBTQ youth committing suicide more than the other. The reasons can be a lot and might also be horrendous. The LGBTQ youth and suicides are in the news quite a lot. And this is a red signal.

At this point, we need to understand the reasons and all the factors of suicide among the LGBTQ youth. Because if we do not take care of this situation right now, the suicides in the LGBTQ youth may increase a lot more. And the factors that are forcing and pushing them to such edge may get strong. Let’s talk about the factors of suicide among LGBTQ youth.

1. Bullying

Bullying is the number one reason for suicide in LGBTQ youth. This is a factor that is prevailing in the society. Here people do not show tolerance for the LGBTQ youth and suicides occur because of it. People need to know about the LGBTQ community. This might prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth.

2. Lack of Acceptance

The society and the people have a hard time accepting and normalizing new thing. The same goes for the LGBTQ community. Also, the acceptance from the society and the people is secondary. The LGBTQ youth need acceptance from the people within their circle. The acceptance from the parents works the best. As anyone is closest to their family and Parent. When the LGBTQ youth does not get the acceptance from the people who are close to them, they lead towards suicides. This will prevent suicide LGBTQ youth.

3. Lack of respect

The increase in the LGBTQ youth and suicide cases is because of the lack of respect. People love and need to be respected. If the LGBTQ youth is not being respected like any other person, this disheartens them.

Why Parents Should Know About The LGBTQ Youth Suicide Cases?

Most times, the LGBTQ youth is afraid and that makes them unsure about what they are. The society and the parental pressure make them think of the other options which they cannot opt for. And eventually, when the LGBTQ youth tries to accept what they are not, they lose hope. And this results in the suicides among LGBTQ youth.

Parents are unaware of the fact and the consequences of pushing their children. That is why parents need to know why it is important to know the facts and the factors behind the LGBTQ youth and suicides. Here are some other factors why parents should know about LGBTQ youth suicides.

1. Awareness

Once the parents know about LGBTQ youth suicides and the reasons behind the suicides in LGBTQ youth; the parents will be aware of it. They will know about the hardships of the LGBTQ youth. And what is pushing them towards suicide?

2. Easier to handle the situation

When parents know about LGBTQ youth suicides, it is easier for them to protect their kids. If they find their children in any situation like this, they will know what and how to take care of the situation. A little knowledge about the LGBTQ youth will let them save their kids.

Tips To Prevent Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth

We have recently encountered an increase in the suicide cases of the LGBTQ community. The factors are also discussed above. But we need a solution to save the LGBTQ community and prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth. The alarm is in front of us in the form of The LGBTQ youth and suicides, which is increasing. This is the time when we need to work on prevention. And the main role in it will be of a parent, to help support and respect their kids.

1. Acceptance

LGBTQ youth needs acceptance. And this only possible with the initial step from the parents. If the parents accept their LGBTQ Kids, this will solve a big issue for the LGBTQ youth and suicide issues.

2. Awareness

The parents and the people of society have no awareness of LGBTQ youth. And that is why it is increasing the bullying. Parents need to know about LGBTQ people and learn their behavior. It will prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth.

Effects Of Suicides Among The LGBTQ Youth

There are several effects of suicides among the LGBTQ youth on society. And the society we live in is adaptive. Suicides have a terrible effect on the overall society. And when we talk about the LGBTQ youth, the numbers are increasing. Let’s talk about the effects of it on the LGBTQ youth.

1. Mental health

Suicides can ruin the mental health of the other LGBTQ youth. The moment they start experiencing similar issues, the only way out they will think of will be suicide. And that is a big alarming signal. And this is also the reason why suicides among LGBTQ youth has been increasing.

2. Lack of confidence

This is another issue, which the LGBTQ youth faces. When they see their fellows in the community using suicides as a solution, they try not to accept what they are. And this helps them cope with the sense of insecurity for the time being. That is why parents and others need to support and know about the LGBTQ youth suicides. So, the factors can be stopped.

Most of the times, we can control and know about the LGBTQ youth and suicides. And there are various methods to stop the suicides. But firstly, we need to be well aware. This requires a keen eye. You can also use iKeyMonitor to track the activities and SMS of your teen. This way you will be clear about the stress and depression your teen is going through. You will also be able to determine the next step by your teen, which will help in stopping them from the wrong. iKeyMonitor not only tracks SMS, but it will also track other apps. You will get authentic data through this app.


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