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How to Prevent Teen Suicide 2022

Prevent Teen Suicide

In this era, one of the main challenges of raising children is to prevent teen suicide. As teenagers become more self-aware, they become more sensitive to how others perceive them. Usually, when they feel that they are evaluated by others, they develop negative emotions. If they have a shameful experience, their fragile self-image will be shattered. Therefore, it is your duty as a parent to prevent youth suicide.

3 Things You Can Do to Prevent Teen Suicide

There are many simple things you can do to prevent teenagers from committing suicide. You should try to talk to your children often. You need to listen patiently. If you find anything related to suicide, you need to stay calm and try to ask your children the reason. Here are some ways to prevent children from committing suicide:

Talk to Your Teen About Suicide

Sit down with your children and talk about topics such as suicide. Use some techniques to have important discussions with your children. You need to talk in a calm, non-accusative manner and express their importance to you. Encourage your children to engage in professional help-seeking behavior. Assure your teens that you can help them at any time.

talk to kids

Take Preventive Measures

Always actively interact with your children. Encourage them to increase active outdoor activities. With the goal of promoting safety, monitor your youth’s whereabouts and communications appropriately. Pay attention to your children’s social environment and communicate with other parents in the community regularly. Communicate with your children’s teachers regularly to ensure school safety.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Use A Parental Control App

Your children may not share what happened to them with you, so you can install a monitoring tool like iKeyMonitor. It tracks the online activities of the target device. You can view the monitoring records in the cloud panel. When you find suspicious monitoring logs, you can talk to your children immediately.


Prevent Teen Suicide with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a parental monitoring tool that provides multiple monitoring and control functions. It can effectively help you deal with youth suicide problems. Here are some of the benefits of using iKeyMonitor:

Capture Screenshots to Detect Suicide Photos

iKeyMonitor takes screenshots at regular intervals to provide you with a visual image of your children’s phones. This way you can take action when a screenshot of suicide is detected.

Capture Screenshots

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed

iKeyMonitor records keystrokes and passwords typed on your children’s phones. After logging in to the cloud panel, you can view every keystroke to see if your kids have entered words related to suicide.

keystrokes on iphone

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities

iKeyMonitor allows you to set keyword alerts on your children’s phones. Whenever a keyword related to suicide is triggered, you will immediately receive an email alert.

get alerts


One of the most important steps in preventing teen suicide is to understand your children’s online activities. You can use apps like iKeyMonitor to check your children’s activities on their phones. iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor SMS, calls, chat apps, GPS locations, and much more. Sign up and start protecting!


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