Is Excessive Mobile App Gaming A Mental Disorder? 2024

Sometimes you may find kids playing many online games. And when you ask your children to eat at the table, they rarely listen to you. Often, you worry about whether they are addicted to the game. In addition, you also need to consider whether excessive mobile app gaming is becoming a mental disorder and hindering your children’s healthy growth.

If your children are diagnosed with game disorder, they may need to develop a treatment plan. In this case, you need cognitive behavioral therapy for your children to make them aware of incorrect or negative thoughts. This treatment is used not only for mental disorders, but also for a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse.

What Is Gaming Mental Disorder?

WHO has listed a mental illness as a game disorder. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released the latest version, which identifies various global health trends and statistics and international standards for reporting on diseases and health conditions. This is a diagnostic classification used for all clinical and research purposes. Here are some ways to diagnose game disorders:

Diagnosis with a health professional

Just like other diseases and physical and mental health, only professionals can make the right diagnosis. Various facts have been considered in order to discover professionals. They found that games take precedence over other activities, or that children spend more and more time playing games, despite the negative effects. This can become very dangerous when play has a negative impact on your child’s life. Gradually, as they play late at night, their sleep habits will worsen. Health conditions will also worsen and many other worse consequences will result.

Parents can check in the initial stage

When your children start to spend more time on mobile game, you can take measures in time. At this stage, it is still possible to prevent the children from being addicted to the game. If you haven’t noticed it until your children are addicted to games, it will be difficult for them to quit the game addiction. Therefore, you need to observe all your children’s online activities, pay attention to signs of game addiction, and think about countermeasures as soon as possible.

Children are becoming highly addicted

Although the game itself does not harm children, it has addictive qualities and effects. This is very similar to drug addiction or gambling addiction. Children with play disorders often stick to their play habits, even if they suffer from various negative consequences, such as stressful relationships, sleep or overall health problems.

How to Help Your Children?

You must believe that you can help your child get out of this mental disorder. Once you find that your child or teen is addicted to games, arrange for a healthcare provider to visit. To be sure, they will recommend a treatment plan for your child. The plan may include inpatient or outpatient treatment. There are some treatment procedures for play disorders. Before asking for help, make sure you check whether your child is playing games, just chatting with friends, or using social media sites. Here are some of the ways by which you can help your children to overcome the gaming disorder:

1. Talk to your children

You must have healthy conversations with your children and understand all their online activities. Excessive use of the Internet can cause a variety of physical and psychological harm to your children. Therefore, you need to make your children aware of all the dangers of being addicted to the Internet. In addition, talk about the type of game they like and whether to connect with friends online while playing the game. Open dialogue on their gaming habits. Your children may explain to you that you can even play a few rounds by yourself to learn what they are playing.

You must always know the latest information on various popular online games. Knowing yourself and knowing one another can make you win. After you know these games, you can talk to your children about these games and protect your children when dangers may occur. Listen appropriately to your children so they will be interested in sharing many things about the game with you.

3. Use a parental control app

In addition to talking to your children and expressing opinions about the games they play online, you need to check all your children’s online activities. This can be done easily with a trusted parental control application. If you find that a particular game is not suitable for your child, you can remotely block the app on their device. The application makes it easy for you to set screen time limits to ensure your children are doing homework or participating in other activities. With this application, you can disable internet access at certain times of the day, just as you can disable internet access at bedtime so that your children do not spend precious sleep time playing video games.

Therefore, by taking some precautions, you can easily solve your children’s mental disorder. You can help your children arrange some real-world activities so that they don’t always participate in online activities. This will allow them to regain their interest in the real world, so they will not be addicted to the game. Parental control applications such as iKeyMonitor can help you monitor what your children are doing online. Not only does it help you monitor your children’s online activities, it also protect your children from gaming disorders.


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