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How to Set Parental Controls on iPod Touch 2022

How to Set Parental Controls on iPod Touch

Set parental controls on iPod Touch is of significance to guarantee kids’ security online. By now, thousands of kids around the country are enjoying the power and versatility of the new iPod Touch. As parents, you must like to guarantee that your kids are absolutely safe on their iPod Touch. But how can do make sure if your kids use their iPod Touch appropriately, if they are safe on the Internet? iPod parental controls usually refer to the operation or app which can be used to help parents know and control kids’ behavior on their iPod Touch.

Why Are iPod Parental Controls Necessary?

But as numerous parents have found out that there will be great risks if children have their own iPod Touch since the iPod Touch is a highly sophisticated device with instant access to a powerful camera, web browser, numerous built-in apps and much more. Children can do almost everything they want with the iPod Touch, such as surfing the Internet, playing games, watching videos, view photos and more while parents can hardly figure out what they actually do on it. Definitely, for parents, the parental controls for iPod are important and necessary.

Apple had the foresight to add a fairly robust set of parental controls to the iPod Touch – that is tapping Settings – General – Restrictions, but there are also a lot of problems which cannot work well in practice. Firstly, if you set the Restrictions on your kids’ iPod Touch, they must know instantly and become angry with your parental control. You can’t also know their real situations on the iPod Touch after they know you set the parental control for iPod Touch. Moreover, this way helps you limit a type of app from running on the iPod, which is too inflexible for kids to use the iPod. For example, if you disable the YouTube, your kids cannot view a video on the Internet.

iKeyMonitor iPod Parental Control

Apart from using the Restriction on the iPod Touch, there is a useful but simple method which can work well in getting control of all your kids’ activity on the iPod Touch – installing the iPod spy software on kids’ iPod. Why is it a good way to set up parental controls on iPod Touch?

First and foremost, iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPod – the iPod Touch parental control software runs invisibly on your kids’ iPod Touch, which means that it won’t show up in any icons of the iPod and your children also don’t know there is parental control software working to monitor their behavior on iPod.

After downloading the iPod parental controls, it is simple to install and set parental controls on iPod Touch. Then it will work secretly to monitor and record everything they do on the iPod Touch, such as recording entire typed keystrokes, visited websites, instant messages, email content, social networking activity, IP address, taking screen snapshots of the iPod Touch. All logs will be sent to your email or FTP automatically, so you can check remotely and know what they actually do with their iPod Touch. And then, it is simple for you to take actions to help them use their iPod correctly.


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