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iKeyMonitor had helped me be a better parent and helped my child go through a hard time

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James Angel
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 @ 12:29:03 pm

I’ve been having trouble lately with my oldest daughter who is being distant and growing further away. While I didn’t want to invade her privacy, I also didn’t want her running off to drugs, or being depressed over some boy. So I searched for key loggers, and I found iKeyMonitor™.

My experience of using iKeyMonitor on my daughter’s LG

Easey-to-use iKeyMonitor

My daughter was using an LG-LS993 (The Boost Platinum G6) running on Android 8.0. It was kind of tedious to install everything to work correctly through the various permissions and to turn off the phone’s protection from such apps. I wasn’t even able to turn on every permission correctly, but it still managed to provide me with the information I needed to find out everything I needed to know to be a good father.

I went onto her phone to find a “Key Logger”. So fortunately for me, I was already on her device. I downloaded iKeyMonitor for Android from the site, and it was installed rather easily. The app remained working status as I switched through different screens, minimized it, home buttoned, and even rebooted, making my job a bit easier than I thought it would be. I could go through the process that the app had suggested I go through. If you cannot understand or follow the installation wizard well, I would recommend that you look for the configuration guide pertaining to your own phone’s OS from the guide library provided by iKeyMonitor.

Log everything on the phone in detail

To my surprise, the app was working wonderfully. It was keylogging, watching all the text messages, updating contacts, keeping track of her locations on GPS, and best of all, it was sending periodic screenshots of everything that she was doing as it was happening. I was mind blown by how well the monitoring app was working, and I was finding out everything I needed to know quickly. Not only was it doing this amazing job, but every time I logged in, it had already noted what I had seen, and let me know what was new by showing a new number next to each feature that represented how much of that feature had been used. If she had 9 text messages since my last login, there would be a number 9 next to texts.

Finding out my daughter’s secrets makes me relieved

It was a dream that has come true! I was finding out everything, and it turned out that I was worried about my daughter for a good reason, but on the wrong side of the fence. She wasn’t messing with boys, she wasn’t displeased with her home life, she didn’t have any issues with her friends, and she wasn’t sneaking out or doing drugs of any kind. She was having a delayed reaction to the death of her grandmother that had happened a year before. And she was able to talk with her close friends about it, but was afraid of bringing the topic up to me, because her grandmother was, after all, my mom. I didn’t approach her with it or let her know her privacy was invaded. Instead, I became tolerant of her behavior and did the best I could to help her cope through this time of hardship.


iKeyMonitor had helped me be a better parent, and help my child go through a hard time without judging her, or blaming her for things she wasn’t doing. I was mind blown by this success, and have decided to keep iKeyMonitor in my children.


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