How iKeyMonitor helped me to be a better father

Every parent wants all the best for their kids and I’m no different. I have a 15yo son who was giving me a headache from some time. He was meeting with some shady boys from across the street. I knew there is something wrong with them, but I had no proof so I started to look for help. A friend of mine said to me that I should use some parental control app to find out if there is anything bad going on. This was about my kid, my son and I had to know that he is safe. There is plenty of phone monitoring apps, but almost all of them are very, very expensive and I can’t afford such a price. Then I’ve found iKeyMonitor – an amazing app with a FREE FULL FEATURE TRIAL! That was it. The app I was looking for to help me with my problems… and it did. In my story, I will try to explain you some of the features that come with the app. The features that I used the most and helped me with my problem.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

This app is very simple to use. It comes with a guide for every currently supported Android and iOS system version. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a free trial. You will receive a license key that will need to be used with the app which you need to download and install on the phone. To install an app on your device, just follow a very simple guide that is matching your phone model and system version. The guide will show you how to give the necessary permissions to an app and disable system features that could block the app from working. After creating an account and setting up the app on your phone you will be able to log in to the application Control Panel where you will see all the logs and information about your device. You can add more devices if it’s your desire. iKeyMonitor will quietly monitor the device and send data to the server. The data will be visible in your Control Panel and you will be able to export this data to your computer if you want. If the guide is not good enough for you then don’t hesitate to ask the tech support for help. The friendly staff will tell you what to do step by step and you don’t even need to have the technical knowledge, everyone can use it! The list of iKeyMonitor features is beyond imagination. List of supported chat applications is very long and you probably never heard about some of them and Control Panel settings allow you to hide those you don’ use or need.

iKeyMonitor will never let you down

This app is one of the best apps on the market (if not the best). You just need to follow an installation guide which is silly simple. For every problem, there is a solution in the support section on the app website. Even if you stuck with something, there is a great support that will help you resolve it. I had a problem with logs stopping uploading. A quick look at the FAQ section and the problem was solved. Logs were coming through fine again. You don’t even need to root your device to use this app. It will work perfectly fine and it will always give you what you need. However, some features will require the phone to be rooted, but this isn’t necessary for the app to work.

Call Recording

The basic feature of every monitoring app is to record phone calls. iKeyMonitor is great in this. The quality of the recordings is outstanding and very precise. You will get information about the date and time of the record. Also, you will see the phone number and how long was the phone call. All the records can be played in the Control Panel directly or you can download it on your computer and listen any time you want. You don’t need to root the device to use this feature.

The power of surrounding records

When you read a text it can have two meanings. There can be a problem with the interpretation of its meaning. You need to know the whole context of the story to be sure what does it mean. iKeyMonitor comes with the best feature ever – record surroundings. It will let you record everything that is going on near the phone. The records come in an mp3 format with a high compression level. The quality of the records is outstanding. I was surprised that it can be so good with that compression level. You can download these records to your computer and do whatever on your computer and edit it if you need it. I was using this feature all the time and to be frank – it gave me proof that my son’s friends were criminals and this probably saved my son’s future.

Don’t lose the tracking

iKeyMonitor has other amazing features – GPS tracking. It will give you very precise information about the phone’s location. You can set the intervals in the settings, but default checking every 5min was good enough for me. Information you get is a latitude and longitude, however, if it’s possible the system will check the address of these coordinates and show it to you… brilliant! Another thing with GPS tracking is that you can see ‘Accurate Data’, ‘Inaccurate Data’, or both. This is important if you want to be sure what exactly the phone location is because as you know that can be very important in some situations.


Geo-fencing will provide you a nice tracking history with specific dates and time ranges. This is very useful for someone who wants to see exactly where and when the phone was located.


Keylogging feature is very helpful sometimes. The application will record everything that is typed on the device and even if this will not be sent, the information about entering certain words will stay in the app. Also, when your device isn’t rooted then you will know what keywords are used in the internet browser on the device. iKeyMonitor can be set to alert you when some of the keywords being used which is just an outstanding feature.


By using iKeymonitor I was able to find out that my boy needs to stop seeing his friends. This also gave me a signal that I need to be a better father to him, I started reading more about parenting and how to solve problems better, not just by ordering and demanding. I don’t know what would I do without all this help. I hope that this app will help you as well.

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Monday, February 24, 2020 @ 10:47:10 am
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