This is a little of my story and why I need a monitoring app. Hi, my name is José Barbosa and I am an entrepreneur in the online sales of apparel and sports products. I have two employees who work with me and for whom I provide two mobile phones for exclusive use in service but which have been used lately. I didn’t know how I could charge for not using the devices for personal purposes or controlling their use because I didn’t have a tool for that. So through internet searches, I found iKeyMonitor. I searched for more information and watched youtube videos about this app, and went to the official website where they offered me 3 days of free trials, where I could try and prove for myself the efficiency of this application in controlling and using my employees’ cell phones.

The operation of iKeyMonitor

The iKeyMonitor app promises and delivers what it promises, leaving you with complete remote control over the monitored device. The use is quite simple. I just had to download the app straight from the official website on the devices I wanted to monitor. The installation is quite simple and self-explanatory. I followed all the steps and made the necessary installation and settings as required by the application, and in the end, I still have the option to make the application completely Automatic on the monitored device. Then I just had to go to the official website and enter my login and password and there was everything I needed about the device: all the logs, screenshots, call audios, messaging app chats, photos, GPS location, all about the device, and with constant updates. Really the application is complete and delivers everything it promises. It is what I was needing and fully met my needs.

Every detail of what is done on the device is stored on the application server for my consultation. I just have to enter my login and password, I could see all conversations and thus prove that the device was only used for work and not for personal purposes. It definitely works.

What I like most about the iKeyMonitor app

What I liked the most about the application is that I can customize what I want to monitor, thus saving me time, prioritizing keywords and just what interests me to be monitored, for example: chat in messaging apps, calls and emails. This way I wasted no time seeing things that weren’t interesting to me and I could focus on what I needed from the app. Still, if you want, I can print the reports or download them as a file, leaving everything stored for future reference. As I said the application is complete, which greatly facilitated my work.

It is noteworthy that I tried other options on the market, but none had as many features and options as iKeyMonitor, which I proved in practice, thanks to the 3 days of free trials I had.

Final conclusion

Finally, I can say that for anyone who needs to monitor any electronic device, such as mobile phone, tablet or PC, whether for personal or work purposes, the only solution that delivers what it promises is iKeyMonitor, and I say that because I tested and approved. After my 3 free days I made a point of buying the service because I really liked what I saw and the functionality of the app. Now all my employees’ devices are being monitored through the app and I can keep track of everything from my PC or laptop wherever I go. As long as I am able to charge and track all the processes and tasks I delegate to my employees, and to see if they are actually performing what I am asked for, iKeyMonitor has given me the opportunity to have control and power over my hands. Thanks!

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Friday, January 17, 2020 @ 12:24:43 pm


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