How to Take Screenshots on Restricted Apps on Android

How to Take Screenshots on Restricted Apps on Android

How to take screenshots on restricted apps on Android? On Android devices, screenshots are usually blocked by apps for the sake of your privacy and security. If you are an Android user trying to get around who is dealing with apps that have the screenshot restriction, then I have three effective solutions for you. Read on to learn how to take screenshots of Android restricted apps.

Using Google Assistant to Take Screenshots in Restricted Android Apps

  1. Open Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” or long-pressing the Home button.
    Long-Press the Home Button
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial in the upper right corner, then choose Settings.
  3. Choose Assistant from the top navigation menu. Scroll down to the Assistant devices section and tap Phone.
    Assistant devices
  4. Scroll down to the General section and toggle Use screen context on.
    Use screen context
  5. Launch an app that normally imposes a screenshot restriction.
  6. Tap and hold the Home button or say “OK Google” to launch Google Assistant.
  7. Say “take screenshot” or “capture screenshot” or type “take screenshot”.
  8. Choose a place to save the screenshot, or choose an app from the displayed list to share the screenshot with.

Using Another Phone or a Camera to Take Screenshots on Android Restricted Apps

  1. Take another phone or a camera and point it at the screen of your Android phone.
  2. Take a picture of the screen you want to screenshot from any Android restricted app.

Using Xposed Re-Enable Screenshot Module to Enable Screenshot Capturing on Rooted Android

  1. First, root your Android device.
  2. After rooting your device, install and open the Xposed installer on your device.
    Xposed Installer
  3. Download the Re-Enable Screenshot Module.
    Re-Enable Screenshot Module
  4. Activate the Re-Enable Screenshot Module from the Modules menu.
  5. Restart your device.
  6. Launch the Re-Enable Screenshot Module on your device.
  7. You can see all the apps installed on your device in a list form. Put a tick on the checkbox that is next to the app name that has the screenshot restriction.
  8. Launch the apps that you ticked and you will be able to disable flag secure with Xposed Re-Enable Screenshot Module to enable screenshot capturing on your rooted Android.


The above are three methods to help you bypass Android apps’ screenshot restriction. You can choose a method that suits you according to your needs. If you also want to monitor your Android devices, we highly recommend you to try iKeyMonitor. By taking screenshots and logging keystrokes, iKeyMonitor monitors almost all online activities on the target devices. Sign up to enjoy a free trial!


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