13 Best Android Location Tracker Apps to Track Android Phones 2024

Using an Android location tracker is very effective in tracking the location of your smartphone or the phone of someone you care about. Whether you want to monitor your child’s whereabouts or need to track the location of company-owned devices, Android location tracker apps can be a lifesaver. These apps offer a range of features that allow you to track an Android phone’s location easily.

Why Do You Need an Android Location Tracker?

There are a number of reasons why an Android location tracker can be beneficial. You can use it for parental control to keep your children safe online, or you can use it for employee monitoring to increase productivity.

Parental Control

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your children. Android location tracker apps allow you to track the location of your child’s Android phone in real-time to find out where they have been, where they are now, and whether they have come into inappropriate places, such as video game rooms, casinos, and sex shops.

Employee Monitoring

As an employer, tracking employee locations on company-owned Android devices allows you to ensure they are where they are supposed to be during work hours. This is especially useful for businesses with mobile or remote employees. By doing so, you can effectively improve your company’s productivity and prevent the misuse of company resources.

13 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps to Track Android Phones

In addition to parental control and employee monitoring, Android location trackers are handy tools for keeping track of family members. There are many location-tracking apps that can effortlessly track an Android phone. Today, we’ve compared and tested the top options in this guide, evaluating their features, ease of use, and overall quality. We want to help you pick the best Android tracker for your specific needs, ensuring a reliable and efficient location-tracking solution.

1. iKeyMonitor Android Location Tracker


As the best Android GPS tracker, iKeyMonitor allows you to track the location of an Android phone, set up geofences and receive instant alerts when the device enters or exits a designated area. In addition, it enables you to set alert keywords, record phone calls and chat messages, check websites visited, listen to live surroundings, watch the remote screen in real-time, block inappropriate apps/games, set screen time limits, and more. If you are looking for the best phone tracker for Android, then iKeyMonitor will be your best choice.


  • Track GPS locations to protect your kids

iKeyMontior tracks the GPS location of the target Android phone at preset intervals. Therefore, you can clearly know your children’s accurate position and location history.

  • Set up Geofences on Android phones

iKeyMonitor allows you to set safe and prohibited zones on your children’s Android devices. Once they leave the geofences you set up, you will receive an instant alert via email or push notification.

  • Get alerted about dangerous activities

iKeyMonitor enables you to set multiple keyword alerts on your children’s Android phones. In this way, you will receive instant alerts via email or push notifications whenever alert words are triggered or specific apps are used.

  • Record phone calls and chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, and more

iKeyMonitor Android location tracker lets you discreetly record phone calls and monitor chat messages on popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So that you can protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, and other online risks.

  • Check websites visited

With iKeyMonitor, monitoring online activities is effortless. Keep track of websites visited on the target device, enabling you to stay informed about the user’s internet browsing habits for enhanced parental control or employee supervision.

  • Listen to live surroundings

This advanced feature lets you listen to the target Android phone’s live phone surroundings, so you can hear what is happening around it. 

  • Watch the remote screen in real-time

iKeyMonitor goes beyond location monitoring by allowing you to watch the remote phone screen in real-time. Stay visually connected to the target device, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the user’s activities and interactions.

  • Block inappropriate apps/games and set screen time limits

iKeyMonitor enables you to block inappropriate apps and games, promoting a safe and clean digital environment. Additionally, set screen time limits to manage and balance device usage for your children to protect them from game addiction.


  • Free Location Tracker for Android.
  • Many tracking features.


  • Not in Play Store.

2. Google Family Link – Location Tracker for Android

Google Family Link is a comprehensive parental control app that allows you to track your children’s Android phones remotely. With user-friendly features, it also enables you to set screen time limits, block apps, and track your child’s location in real time.


  • Location Tracking: Real-time GPS location tracking to monitor the child’s whereabouts.
  • Screen Time Management: Set daily screen time limits to encourage healthy device usage.
  • App Restrictions: Control and block specific apps to ensure age-appropriate content.
  • Remote Device Lock: Securely lock the child’s device remotely for focused study or bedtime.
  • Safe Search: Enable safe search to filter inappropriate content on the internet.

3. Google Find Your Phone

Google Find Your Phone is a valuable Android location tracking app designed to locate and secure lost or misplaced Android devices. Utilizing GPS technology, it helps users track their phone’s last known location, ring it remotely, or even erase sensitive data if necessary.


  • Location Tracking: Pinpoint the exact location of the lost phone on a map.
  • Remote Ringing: Trigger the phone to ring at maximum volume, aiding in quick retrieval.
  • Device Lock: Secure the device by remotely locking it to protect personal information.
  • Erase Data: Wipe the phone’s data remotely to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Google Account Integration: Seamlessly integrated with the user’s Google account for easy access and management.

4. family locator – GPS Locator

Family Locator is a GPS tracking app designed for families, allowing you to stay connected and aware of your loved ones’ whereabouts in real-time. It offers a range of features to enhance family safety and communication.


  • Real-Time Location Sharing: Share live location updates with family members.
  • Geofencing: Set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when family members enter or leave specific areas.
  • Location History: View a detailed history of the family’s location over time.
  • Emergency Check-In: Request quick check-ins from family members during emergencies.
  • Driving Reports: Monitor driving behavior and receive reports on family members’ journeys.

5. ESET Android Location Tracker

ESET Parental Control is a powerful Android location Tracker app designed to help you manage and control your children’s online activities. In addition, it also provides the Child Locator function, which allows you to know your child’s current location information in real-time.


  • Web Filtering: Block inappropriate websites and content to protect children online.
  • App Control: Manage and restrict access to specific apps based on content and age appropriateness.
  • Time Management: Set daily screen time limits to balance online and offline activities.
  • Child Locator: Track the child’s location in real-time for added safety.
  • In-App Purchases Control: Prevent unauthorized in-app purchases to manage expenses effectively.

6. MMGuardian Location Tracking App

MMGuardian location tracking App is a comprehensive parental control solution, offering features to monitor your children’s smartphone usage and track their Android phone locations. With a focus on safety, it enables your children to enforce healthy digital habits.


  • App Blocker: Restrict access to specific apps to prevent distractions or exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Text Message Monitoring: Monitor and filter SMS messages for potential risks or inappropriate content.
  • Location Tracking: Track the child’s location in real-time for added peace of mind.
  • Time Limits: Set daily limits on screen time to encourage a healthy balance.
  • Call Blocker: Block unwanted calls to protect children from potential risks.

7. Kids Phone Tracker

Kids Phone Tracker is a user-friendly app that allows you to monitor and track your child’s location, ensuring their safety. It provides real-time information to help you stay connected and informed about your child’s activities.


  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Track the child’s location on a live map for instant updates.
  • Geofencing: Set virtual boundaries and receive notifications when the child enters or exits specific areas.
  • Panic Button: Empower the child to send instant alerts in emergency situations.
  • Location History: Review a detailed history of the child’s whereabouts over time.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works across different devices and platforms for versatile usage.

8. Phone Tracker and GPS Location

Phone Tracker and GPS Location is a versatile app available on Google Play, offering you a range of functions for tracking and managing Android device locations.


  • Live GPS Tracking: Track the device’s real-time location on an interactive map.
  • Location Sharing: Share your location with others and receive location updates from contacts.
  • Navigation: Use the app for navigation purposes with detailed maps and directions.
  • Location-Based Reminders: Set reminders that trigger based on the device’s location.
  • Offline Maps: Download maps for offline use, ensuring functionality in areas with no internet connectivity.

9. Life360: Live Location Tracker for Android

Life360 is a comprehensive family locator app available on Google Play. With features such as location history, driving reports, and even emergency assistance, this Android phone tracker app provides users with security and safety.


  • Real-Time Location Sharing: Share live location updates with family members.
  • Private Circles: Create private circles for specific groups within the family, ensuring privacy.
  • Driving Reports: Monitor and review family members’ driving behavior and receive safety reports.
  • Location-Based Alerts: Get notified when family members arrive or leave designated locations.
  • In-App Chat: Communicate with family members within the app for added convenience.

10. Geo Tracker – GPS Tracker on Google Play

Geo Tracker is a GPS tracking app designed for outdoor activities and route tracking. It provides users with tools to record and analyze their paths, making it suitable for activities such as hiking, running, or biking.


  • Route Recording: Record and save your outdoor activities, including paths and waypoints.
  • Detailed Statistics: View detailed statistics of your routes, such as distance, speed, and elevation.
  • Offline Maps: Download maps for offline use, ensuring functionality in remote areas.
  • Shareable Tracks: Share your recorded tracks with friends or on social media platforms.
  • Customizable Waypoints: Add customizable waypoints to mark specific locations during your activities.

11. Find My Kids

Find My Kids is a location-tracking app designed specifically for parents to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. It provides real-time location information and additional safety features.


  • Live Location Tracking: Track the child’s location in real-time on a map.
  • Geofencing: Set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the child enters or leaves designated areas.
  • Panic Button: Allows the child to send instant alerts in emergency situations.
  • Location History: Review historical data of the child’s movements over time.
  • Battery Monitoring: Receive notifications if the child’s device battery is running low, ensuring uninterrupted tracking.

12. Google Maps Location Sharing

Google Maps Location Sharing lets you share your location in real-time with others and choose who can view your location and for how long. Location Sharing works even with Location History disabled.

Sharing your location always allows people to see:

  • Your name and photo.
  • Your device’s recent location even when Google apps aren’t being used.
  • Your device’s battery power and if it’s charging.
  • Your arrival and departure time if they add a Location Sharing notification.
  • They may also see other info depending on how you’re sharing.

13. SmartThings Find – Samsung Phone Tracker

With SmartThings Find, you can easily locate lost devices, including Galaxy phones, tablets, watches, and more. It also enables you to locate your lost devices, even when they are not connected to a network. When your Galaxy SmartTag arrives or leaves a specific location, you will receive an alert.


  • Locate devices even if they’re offline
  • Share your location with others
  • Get notified when a device arrives at or leaves a location

Android Location Tracker FAQs

Q1. Does an Android phone have location tracking?

Yes, Android phones have built-in location tracking capabilities through the Google Location Services feature. You can enable or disable location tracking in the device settings.

Q2. How can I track a family member’s location on Android?

You can track a family member’s location on Android using Android location trackers like iKeyMonitor. Install this app on target Android phones, enable location sharing, and view their real-time location on your device.

Q3. Is there a GPS tracker for Android?

Yes, numerous GPS tracker apps are available for Android, such as iKeyMonitor, Family Locator, and Phone Tracker. These apps utilize GPS technology to provide accurate location information.

Q4. Is there a free location tracker for Android?

Yes, several free location tracker apps for Android exist, including Google Find My Device, Google Family Link and iKeyMonitor Android phone tracker. These apps offer basic location tracking features at no cost.

Q5. Can you track a phone on an Android?

Yes, you can track a phone on Android using built-in features like Find My Device or by installing third-party tracking apps like iKeyMonitor. These apps allow you to locate, ring, or even remotely lock the device.

Q6. Does Android have a location finder?

Yes, Android devices have a built-in location finder feature. Users can access it through settings, under “Location,” to enable or disable location services and manage location preferences.

Q7. Is there a tracker that works with Android?

Yes, many trackers work with Android. Apps like iKeyMonitor, Google Family Link, and Geo Tracker are designed to function seamlessly on Android devices for location tracking and management.

Q8. What’s the best app to track an Android phone?

iKeyMonitor is the best app to track an Android phone. It allows you to track the historical position and current location of an Android phone remotely via the online panel. It also provides a free plan to help you track an Android phone for free.


In conclusion, having an Android location tracker app can be immensely beneficial in various situations. Whether you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones, monitor the activities of your employees, or locate your lost or stolen phone, numerous Android GPS tracking apps in the market can help you achieve these goals. iKeyMonitor is the best Android location tracker that offers many monitoring features for you to monitor children’s or employees’ Android phones. It helps you track GPS locations, set up geofences, add alert words, monitor chat apps, and much more. Sign up and start tracking!

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