How to Stop Facebook Addiction

How to Stop Facebook Addiction

Facebook addiction is real, and many people are looking to stop Facebook addiction. Facebook is one of the largest social media websites and almost half of its users come back online on this platform every single day. Everyone these days is twitching their fingers over their smartphone using Facebook or Instagram. Not only is it popular, but some people are spending their day and night on Facebook browsing different pages, profiles and engaging in social media activities. With this much time spent on Facebook, your work, family, and many important tasks are ignored, so, it is really necessary to stop Facebook addiction.

There are many ways that Facebook has helped people in communication, sharing, and learning but if you think that it is the only way for all sorts of connectivity then, unfortunately, you are the victim of Facebook Addiction. In this article, we are going to discuss Facebook addiction and how to stop Facebook addiction.

What Is Facebook Addiction?

It is a condition when people use Facebook excessively. These days, it is very popular to use Facebook on a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Some facts about Facebook addiction include:

1. Reason for stress

Many therapists have said it to be the reason for stress among many of their patients. Facebook itself is not a bad thing if it is used for a moderate amount of time.

2. Ignorance of other things in the surrounding

If a person is spending more time on Facebook by ignoring other important tasks then a person needs to overcome Facebook addiction.

3. Not a medically approved condition

Facebook addiction or Facebook addiction disorder is not a medically approved condition, but it is causing behavioral problems.

What Are The Signs of Facebook Addiction?

Since Facebook addiction is not a medically approved condition, there are no specific symptoms and signs that define it. There are common signs of obsessive behavior and antisocial tendencies among users who are enough to diagnose and stop Facebook addiction. Other signs of Facebook addiction include the following:

1. Your priority is Facebook

It is a sign of Facebook addiction when you check your Facebook first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Besides that, you prioritize checking your Facebook before eating lunch, dinner, or doing anything.

2. You feel empty without Facebook

If you have felt empty without Facebook then it is the sign of Facebook addiction. The thing is if your world revolves around Facebook then nothing can make you feel good.

3. You find everything else dull

If you find Facebook posts thrilling, hilarious and updated then there is a chance that you might find everything else dull. Teenage kids find their studies and other activities dull because of their addiction with Facebook which must be dealt with.

4. The Facebook world as a fantasy world

If your life hasn’t been great lately and there have been some setbacks then you may like to indulge in the fantasy world of Facebook where everything seems perfect.

Why Facebook Has Everyone Under Its Spell?

Seeing people busy on Facebook, it makes you wonder what is it that has been interesting to everyone. The young teens, girls, boys, adults, bosses, and employees all of them are a Facebook addict. So, we dig a little and found some interesting facts. Let’s see these:

1. Facebook design is addictive

Facebook has a really simple and interactive design which offers plenty of features to its users. The engaging design makes you feel so comfortable that you just want to use it for several hours.

2. Multiple features

One of the main reasons that every age group likes to use Facebook is because it has multiple features. There are options for pictures, videos, live coverage, status, jobs, business, and many more things. With these interactive features, it is quite hard to stop Facebook addiction.

3. Free access

This is the age of digital and information technology. Thanks to cutting edge tech, we can use the social media platform for free. There is no cost of using Facebook at all. With 3G and 4G internet speed, it is hard to turn a blind eye to deal with Facebook addiction.

4. People with psychological & emotional needs are prone to social media

In this age of information technology and social media, people may have several friends on Facebook, but they feel lonely. To cope with loneliness, they become obsessed with their status, looks, act creepy into people’s lives and comparison with other people. This is unhealthy and one of the reasons why such people are Facebook addicts.

What Are The Best Way To Stop Facebook Addiction?

Now that you know what a Facebook addiction and its signs are, it is the time to know the ways to deal with Facebook addiction. Facebook addiction is real, and it is endangering especially in teenage kids. Here, we have managed to make a few points to overcome Facebook addiction.

1. Decide what is of value on Facebook

If you are trying to get away from something, you need to realize what is valuable about it and what is not. In the case of Facebook, realize what is of value on Facebook. Make it personal and customize it in a way that your family knows about you not everyone else.

2. Limit Facebook time

If it feels like you have been spending too much time on Facebook, consider limiting your Facebook time. For teenage children, iKeyMonitor is one of the best apps to limit Facebook time on your kid’s phone.

3. Use a spy app

Facebook is not the only social media app so try out other apps on your phone. Use iKeyMonitor to control your kid’s activities on a smartphone.

4. Find other activities to kill time

So many people use Facebook to kill their time, but you should try other real activities to pass your time.

Facebook addiction comes with the popularity of the Facebook app. To stop Facebook addiction in teenage children, steps must be taken by their parents. It is a much-needed thing. Every adult should take responsibility for using Facebook positively and beware of the effects of Facebook addiction. Start monitoring with iKeyMonitor from now on.


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