How to Spy on Phone Calls with Call Log Software? 2024

Call log software like iKeyMonitor enables parents to monitor the call history on their children’s phone so as to dig out the automatic secrets. An increasing number of young people are spending so much time on their smartphone that their parents will wonder what on earth they are doing on the mobile. Particularly these phone users are always talking with someone on the phone and don’t care about any other people. Naturally, parents will suspect with whom they are talking on the phone. In such cases, a piece of useful call recorder will play a significant role.

Why Is Call Log Software Necessary?

This is an obvious concern that many parents have because they do not want their children to get into any trouble. Therefore they would like to know whether their children are doing any unwanted activities. A call logging software enables parents to know how long children call and whom they make phone calls with. Since there is much call recording spy app available in the market, parents can explore and select the best and most effective one.

How to Use Call Log Software?

Actually the spy software will monitor the complete call history and inform the user of that. First of all, you need to install such software on the target mobile. When installing, you are supposed to create an account with the software provider. The main purpose of creating the account is to access the log reports online. Once you log in to the account, you can see a control panel there. It is the medium through which you can get to know about everything you want to know.

The software can log call history of both incoming and outgoing calls on iOS and Android devices and therefore you will not miss anything. All those reports will be uploaded to the control panel and you can access and get to know about the contacts whom the target person is speaking to.

Overview of iKeyMonitor Call Log Software

Those who want to use Android or iPhone spy app to monitor call log may prefer the spy software named iKeyMonitor to other spy apps, which is the best call log software in the market and possesses many other features apart from logging call history. You can go through the reviews of this software online, which positively show that the users are very much satisfied with the functions of iKeyMonitor.

It is very simple to use iKeyMonitor, and you will have no trouble in accessing the call reports and other things that you want to monitor. If you find it is an unwanted contact or you do not want your dear one to talk with that particular number, you can easily block the number. The call tracking software can also log text messages and websites which have been visited. Moreover, the software can track the instant messaging applications so that you are able to check the text messages and the digital contents which are being shared through those applications.

You can monitor the phone calls of your children under 18 years old without telling them in advance. However, if you want to spy on the phone call history of your employees, you’d better get their permission before installing iKeyMonitor call tracking software on his or her phone to avoid invasion of privacy.

Thanks to iKeyMonitor call log software, it becomes easy for people to spy on call history of the ones they care about. Besides monitoring call history, iKeyMonitor can also log other mobile activities, which enables people to protect their kids by detecting and preventing potential danger in advance.


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