How to Spy on Kid’s WhatApp Messages on iPhone 6 2024

Do you know that you can use an iPhone 6 spy app to spy on kids WhatsApp Messages? While the issue of spying on kids phone activities such as messages or phone calls may be a touchy subject, there are great solutions to it.

After all, we live in a world where the use of smartphone is interconnected with issues of cyber security and safety, and everyone can get access to the internet nowadays. No parent would want their kids to be talking to sexual predators or be exposed to immoral content which is an inappropriate for their age.

The good news is that if you find yourself increasingly concerned about protecting your kids, there is an easy way to do it. iKeyMonitor is a powerful monitoring tool which parents can use to monitor their children’s mobile phone activities.

What the iPhone 6 Spy App Can Do to Help Parents

iKeyMonitor spy software for iPhone is an amazing option that enables you to:

  • View, record mobile phone activities with screenshots
  • Retrieve call logs
  • Retrieve SMS messages (including deleted ones)
  • Check website browser history
  • Log the chat messages on popular social media platforms including Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram etc
  • Record every keystroke typed on the target device. Any input that uses the phone keyboard including passwords, messages, or website visited will be recorded

Advanced Features of iKeyMonitor

Once you decide to spy on mobile phone of your kid, the next step is to install iKeyMonitor. If your child has a smartphone such as the popular iPhone, iKeyMonitor spy app can be used to monitor whatsapp messages. You can also use the advanced features of the iKeyMonitor:

  • Record any keystroke entered in WhatsApp
  • Capture screenshots
  • Call recording
  • Phone surrounding recording
  • Geo-fening – set safe zones and forbidden places
  • How Does iKeyMonitor iPhone 6 spy app work?

    To get started and spy on kid’s iPhone, simply install the spy app on the iPhone 6 or any other available smartphone you want to monitor. Once installed, the app will automatically start running in the background. It will monitor and collect chats messages sent or received on your kid’s WhatsApp. You will be able to take screenshots of any activity, listen to voice messages. The monitored information is stored on your email which you can access using your own account.

    In order to use iKeyMonitor to spy on kid’s WhatsApp Messages on any iPhone, you need iCoud ID and password of the target cell phone. This is a key feature that is rarely available on other spy apps, which doesn’t require jailbreaking iPhone.

    So go ahead and download the iKeyMonitor iPhone 6 spy app for free and get acquainted with all these brilliant features. With the advanced features of this spy app, you will be able to keep track of your children’s online actions. It’s the most effective and affordable way to protect kids, it will ease any worries and concerns about what your children are doing on their iPhones.


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