How to Spy on Employees’ Computers 2024

Spying on employees’ computers is essential if most of their tasks rely on computers and the Internet since these resources could be easily misused without supervision. The Automatic Employee Activity Monitor offers a well-balanced solution for employers who want to know how the team uses office computers and employees who require trust from leaders.

Spying on the Computers of Employees

It’s important not to be persuasive when spying on your staff, though, and at all costs, don’t tell any of them what’s going on. You can use programs and tools to spy on computers secretly now, and they will track everything that the computer does, which is a great way to see what staff are doing while remaining parentally controlled.

Phones are another thing you have to watch for, and this is true for any job. Employees waste lots of time using either the company phone or personal cell phone while on the job as well, and keeping tabs on the phones is another vital step to ensuring your employees are doing as expected.

Without taking the proper steps to find out how your employees spend their days working, you won’t ever figure out which ones are slacking and which ones are working. There will always be a few slackers in the office who think they can get away with these things, but if you are on your toes, you can catch them in the act and send them packing for not performing their job duties. Once you feel you have your office under control, it won’t be as necessary to spy on your employees every day, and alternatively, you can switch to routine check-ups to ensure everyone is still performing the same.

Why Need to Spy on Employees’ Computers?

    • Enhance Working Efficiency

Surfing the internet becomes a headache for most company bosses. Shopping online, playing games, chatting with friends, and watching online videos can distract employees from work and cause low working efficiency.

According to the latest survey, almost every employee spends 2 to 3 hours every day of surfing on the internet unrelated to their work, you can roughly estimate how much time your employees work actually every day in your company. Or maybe the situation in your company is much worse. Maximizing slacking time is an excellent way to enhance working efficiency. Tracking your employees’ computers can alert them that they should make full use of their working time, which should be a brilliant way to improve their working efficiency.

    • Ensure Secrets Security

Many bosses pay attention to theft outside but ignore theft inside. In fact, a recent study shows that 75% of the company’s secrets are carried out by the current staff. Many companies do not admit that, or the percentage can be much bigger.

The Internet-accessed computer allows employees to transfer data and files to other companies much faster. Spying on employees’ computers allows you to master all your employees’ computer activities in case the company’s secrets are being lost.

    • Ensure Company’s Reputation

A considerable number of employers give sensitive personal information to employees for work purposes, which leads to inappropriate usage by the employees. Employees may sell it to a third party or engage in fraudulent activity that is illegal by law.

The loss of fraudulent activity not only causes economic loss to the company but also ruins the company’s reputation to some extent. Spying on employees’ computers can help employers take some action in advance to avoid that.

    • Avoid Legal Dispute

In most cases, the company should shoulder some form of liability for employees’ behaviors, which is called joint liability. In fact, employees’ abuse of computers can arouse lawsuits against others or even other companies, which costs a lot of money and energy.

Spying on employees’ computers is a wise tactic to keep the companies and the employees themselves away from lawsuits. It helps protect the companies and the stakeholders, including the employees.

What Is Used to Spy on Employees’ Computers?

When spying on employees’ computers is mentioned, two frequently used ways exist. One is spying on employees’ computers with hardware solutions. Another one is to rely on some computer spy software.

Spying on computer activity by hardware will help roughly record how the office internet resource is used in the same network. The hardware spying products monitor the IP addresses and ports exchanged through the router so administrators can figure out what websites and applications the employees loaded. However, this kind of monitoring tool doesn’t log the detailed content. For example, this solution will tell some employees to use Skype but will never show you what they do with Skype. Are they chatting with customers or friends? Do they leak company secrets? No one knows.

However, employee monitoring software, as a software solution, digs deeper into the records, spying on employees’ computers in general and in detail. They monitor websites visited and applications used, as hardware spying tools do. Moreover, the keystrokes, IM chat conversations, files opened, print jobs, and more happening on work computers are the targets of the employee monitoring software. Installing computer spying software seems much cheaper than spying on your employees’ behaviors with hardware solutions. Therefore, the employee monitoring software is what we recommend to spy on employees’ computers.

How to Spy on Employees’ Computers

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor

Among varieties of employee monitoring software, Imonitor Employees Activity Monitor gains the first priority from employers with its remote installable feature and stable performance. Here, we offer a guide on how to install Imonito EAM and spy on employees’ computers.

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How to Install Imonitor to Monitor Employees?

Monitor Employee Activity Monitor supports remote installation in the LAN network through a server installed in the host computer.

    • Step 1

      Install Imonitor Server on a host computer.

      Download Imonitor and install Imonitor EAM on the host computer. After install, please directly run Imonitor EAM with default login and password and get ready to apply it to employees’ computers.

    • Install Imonitor client on employees’ computers.

      If employers and employees share the same network, you can easily and remotely apply Imonitor EAM to the computers that you want to spy on.

      1. Click “Install Agent” in the “Home” tab of the Imoitor window
      2. Click “Add” and enter the Computer Name/User Name/Password of the targeted computers and “OK.
      3. Tick the computers in the list you want to install Imonitor Client and click “Remote Install.

      Remote installation requires administrative privilege of the remote computers. Otherwise, you will have to install Imonitor Client locally and manually on the remote computers.

      1. Click “Locate Installer Agent” and find EAM Agent Install
      2. Copy it to the remote computers and manually set it up
        Step 2
    • Step 3

      Run Imonitor Server to start monitoring.

      After installation, Imonitor Client will automatically run. You need to run Imonitor Server and start spying on the employees’ computers to obtain what you want to supervise.

    • Step 4

      View logged data on the host or other computers.

      All your employees’ computer activities will be stored on the host computer in an encrypted format. You can check the logs on the host computer directly or a centralized database built into any computer. With Imonitor EAM installed on office computers, business managers, network administrators, or office leaders can spy on employees’ computers when provided with proper permission and access.

How Is Imonitor Helpful in Spying Employees’ Computers

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor is an all-in-one solution for companies and enterprises to spy on employees’ computers. It records all the activities happening on office Windows computers, including real-time network monitoring, improper content filtering, and even work time tracking. It helps employers to:

Record IM Chats

Record IM Chat Conversation

Keep track of all the chat conversations sent and received on your employees’ computers clearly.

Log File Activity

Log All Actions Related to Files

All the actions regarding files, including file transfer, copy, delete, and rename, can be recorded by the employee monitoring software.

Track Website History

Track Website Visited and Application Used

You are allowed to know the websites your employees visited as well as the applications they used during their working time.

Monitor USB Activity

Record USB/MMC/SD/CD/DVD Usage

Recording USB/MMC/SD/CD/DVD usage in case your employees use portable devices to transfer the company’s secrets.

Log Print Jobs

Keep Track of All Print Jobs

You can know all print jobs executed so that you can know the accurate numbers of each document and file typed.

Filter Websites

Filter Undesirable Contents

If you discover visited websites unrelated to the work in the logged data, you can take immediate action to filter it.

Take Screenshots

Take Screenshots in Real Time

Monitor Employee Activity Monitor can take screenshots in real-time so as to present you with vivid pictures.

Remotely View Logs

View Logs on the Local Server or Remotely

If you want to check the logs on your employees’ computers, you can see the saved or archived logs on the local server or remote database.


If you want to spy on employees’ computers, you should set a written policy and notify your employees in advance. Otherwise, your monitoring behavior is not permitted. For detailed regulations, you should consult the local law of your country.

Generally speaking, the below behaviors are considered legal:

  • Ensure the security of the intellectual information owned by the company
  • Stop or investigate the possible criminal behavior of the employees
  • Forbid the personal use of the company’s facility
  • Seek for illegal software


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