How to Check Screen Time on Android? 2024

You need to be very careful when their children are using smartphones but how to check screen time on Android. This is a common question that arises in the mind of every parent. Controlling daily usage becomes essential and for that, you must know when and how your child is using the phone. In this generation, the whole life runs on a smartphone. As known, there are probably two ways of doing anything on Android. One is by using built-in tools and the other one is with the help of third-party apps. You can use either of them and protect your children from all the hazards that they may face.

How to Check Screen Time on Android Devices?

If your child is having an Android device, you can check the usage time very easily. There is a feature in which is designed to help you use your phone more responsibility and prevent distractions. This feature shows app usage by time, as well as the number of unlocks and notifications. Today, there are several third-party apps, that tell how to check Android screen time easily. But in case you are not in favor of installing the app on your child’s device then you can use power usage of completing the task easily. These are two ways by which you can check the screen time:

1. Check Screen Time through Power Usage

If you want you can make use of the child’s phone power status. shows battery usage and you can even find time on battery, which can be changed into screen time. You may opt for this technique only when you don’t want to install any sort of monitoring tool on your device. To check screen time using power usage, you must first go to the settings and then the battery. There you have to tap the 3-dot menu and go to Battery usage. After that tap, the 3-dot menu again, and choose Show full device usage. This will show you the power graph and status show exactly how much time the screen has been active. The instructions may vary on non-stock ROMs. But the principle stays the same in all the cases, as all you have to do is look for the battery usage.

2. Check Screen Time through iKeyMonitor

You should always go for third party app iKeyMonitor if you are in favor of installing the third-party app on your child’s device. This software has various restrictions on screen time and content. You can apply on various restrictions on your child’s gadgets and remain aware of how your kids use the devices. Once the usage is restricted through after you know how to check screen time on Android pie, harmful impacts also get limited. This is quite an essential tool for you as nowadays kids spent a lot of time surfing the internet and watching and playing video games. There is a need to think differently if they want to keep an eye on the digitally advanced kids. Through iKeymonitor you can monitor the screen time of the devices that your kid is using and hence enable you to control and manage the digital activities. You can easily use it to limit screen time on Android and protect children from all sorts of hazards.

How Can iKeyMonitor Help You?

If you are truly looking for a tool that enables you to set screen time limit on your child’s device then iKeyMonitor will enable to do so. It helps you to regulate the timings when you want your kids to access their devices. That means you can have a watch on their screen timings. These days kids need computers and other devices even for study, but you need to keep track of the sites that they are visiting through this app without stopping them from using the device. You can set screen time on Android devices as well as the websites that your kid is visiting remotely. You get email notifications and alerts when your kid tries to access any inappropriate content and hence you can react accordingly. Here are some of the benefits of using iKeyMonitor as a tool to limit screen time:

  • Screen time control is the main features due to which this tool is becoming parent’s favourite over time. You can use the screen time control feature and block internet access for a particular period of time which is helpful for maintaining proper routine of the kids.
  • Apart from setting screen time, you can even block apps and games that according to you is inappropriate on your child’s device. Hence, you have the facility of content control and filtering. You can now easily filter the contents that your child watches online. In way actually you shall be deciding the contents that child can access and watch online.
  • Through iKeyMonitor you can limit the online content and certain websites which your kid may visit either intentionally or accidentally. Another interesting feature is age-based filtering option, so you can set different content categories to block the content. This feature helps you to manually add materials that you want to get on the blocking list.
  • There are many other additional features present in this software which are add-ons for you to safeguard the child from all the hazards that they face over time. Safe search options, custom filtering, content and website white list or backlist are other features that usually parents tend to use. Among all these, remote administration of the device that your kid is accessing is the most useful one.

Therefore, after becoming aware how to check screen time on Android, you can use any one of the techniques to accomplish the purpose. One you make use of any of the technique then you can offer complete protection to your kid in the digital world. Today, parents prefer to use monitoring tool like iKeyMonitor to limit the screen time easily. Besides that, it is even used by thousands of users both as parental control service as well as content control service.

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