How Teens Are Becoming Victims of Dating Abuse In the Digital World? 2024

Today, dating abuse is the most common form of bullying by teenagers. Predators target young people in various ways. You need to always pay attention to protecting young people from harm. In this era of popular smartphones, the use of harassment technology is increasing. Therefore, you need to understand the various online threats in detail and take appropriate steps to protect your children from the harmful effects of online dating.

What Is Dating Abuse In the Digital World?

Digital abuse refers to the use of technology to harass or intimidate someone. It can appear at any stage of the relationship in any form. Today, people of all ages are likely to encounter, but most teenagers are usually victims of digital abuse. Sometimes, teenagers are harassed by strangers on dating sites and apps. Excessive use of dating apps exposes children to such dangers. Here are some facts about dating abuse:

  • One in six youth report being the victims of cyberbullying, which is abuse and harassment from someone other than a romantic partner.
  • 90 percent of victims said they were also psychologically abused.
  • Two-thirds to three-quarters of victims said they were also physically abused.

Warning Signs of Dating Abuse

You need to learn about where abuse dating begins. These days, children are addicted to using social media and dating apps. Children are attracted due to interesting features, so they may be subjected to various forms of abuse. Teens rarely seek help. So you should watch for warning signs of dating abuse.

Signs of Physical Abuse Include:

  1. Unexplained bruises
  2. Suddenly giving up friends or activities
  3. Change in looks or clothing
  4. Not doing schoolwork
  5. Sudden anger

Signs of Emotional Abuse Include:

  1. Depressed or withdrawn behavior
  2. Use of alcohol or drugs
  3. Destructive behavior

What Can You Do to Protect Teens from Dating Abuse?

Because dating apps are so easy to use, it’s important for parents to find an effective way to protect teenagers from dating. First, let the children understand that when they use the dating app, they must bear many negative effects. Before that, you need to know enough about dating abuse, otherwise, you will not be able to protect your child from abuse. These are the methods you can take to protect teenagers from dating abuse:

1. Have A Direct Conversation with Kids

Have a direct conversation with your child about dating abuse. Usually, the partner may ask for personal details, but in this case, the child must understand that if no one is online, they should not share any information.

2. Act on Warning Signs

Finding warning signs is a good start, but ignoring warning signs will not help solve the problem. Try to talk to your child and provide help. Ways to help children get rid of abusive relationships. You can also call the National Dating Abuse Hotline.

3. Use Monitoring Tools

Always use monitoring tools to monitor your children. Doing this allows you to view the profile of the person your child is dating. If the person is found to continue to harm the child, take measures to correct them. In addition, you can also use monitoring tools to remotely check your child’s online activities.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Dating Sites

Now, parents have realized that dating can cause your child to be hurt. Therefore, you need to take appropriate measures to protect them. Each parent can install a monitoring application such as iKeyMonitor on the child’s device and pay attention to their dating activities. This is the easiest way to find out what dating app your child is using. You can even track who they are dating. These are some ways iKeyMonitor helps monitor dating sites:

1. Monitor Dating Apps

You can keep an eye on your children’s social chat apps. You can use iKeyMonitor to monitor all the chat messages sent and received on your children’s devices.

2. Take Screenshots

iKeyMonitor regularly captures screenshots of mobile activities, including photos, videos, chat apps, and browsers, so you can easily view your kids’ online activities.

3. Monitor Pictures

iKeyMonitor monitors photos taken by the phone camera, screenshots saved in the photo album and pictures received in chat messengers such as WhatsApp, WeChat. Therefore, you can catch evidence of dating abuse to defend your children.

4. Get Alerts

iKeyMonitor lets you set up keyword alerts on your children’s cell phones. In this way, you can get instant alerts via email timely whenever messages about abuse are received on their phones.

When your children face digital abuse, you have to tell them it is not their fault. You need to have proper conversations with your children and let them understand that they should not share any personal information online. In most cases, predators trap children on dating apps and then abuse them. With the iKeyMonitor monitoring tool, you can track your child’s online activities and protect them from online dangers.

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