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Downloading WhatsApp spy apk can help you monitor your children’s WhatsApp activities to protect your children online. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps on smartphones, and it is now widely used by people, especially young people! At the same time, with the rise of numerous instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, you are also facing the challenge of parental control. A useful and effective method is to install a whatsapp spy app from a reliable provider to monitor your children’s WhatsApp messages.

Why Do You Need to Download WhatsApp Spy Apk?

Social media and instant messaging apps have become so common that children/employees are addicted to them. They spend a lot of time on these apps, interacting with other people and exchanging messages. WhatsApp spy APK helps you track the WhatsApp messages sent and received on someone’s Android device, including details such as the time and date the message was sent and WhatsApp contacts.

Parental Control

WhatsApp tracker is a spy app that can be used to track WhatsApp messages sent and received on smartphones. You are responsible for maintaining the safety of your children, especially when children encounter challenges when surfing the Internet using smartphones. The bad thing is that you don’t even know what your kids are doing online and why they spend so much time on the Internet. iKeyMonitor WhatsApp spy app allows you to track WhatsApp activities on your children’s Android phones.
parental control

WhatsApp Backup

You can protect your chats by creating a backup while using WhatsApp Spy apk. In this way, even if you accidentally deleted the chat messages of WhatsApp or lost your phone, you can retrieve your chats easily.

How to Download iKeyMonitor WhatsApp Spy Apk?

All of us must admit that new technologies have brought us a lot of conveniences, but at the same time, they have also brought many challenges! Want to know what your children are viewing on the phone? Want to know whether employees have leaked company secrets? Download a reliable WhatsApp program, such as iKeyMonitor, which can help you find all the truth quickly!

  1. Sign up for a free plan of iKeyMonitor.
    android sign up
  2. Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor on the target device.
  3. Go to Download > iKM – Android and download “iKeyMonitor-Android.apk“.
    ikm android apk
  4. Tap on the downloaded apk file to install it.
  5. Open it by tapping on the icon on the notification bar and configure it according to the wizard.
  6. Delete the downloaded file and clear browser history to remove the traces.

Spy on WhatsApp with iKeyMonitor WhatsApp Spy App

As a professional free WhatsApp spy apk, iKeyMonitor brings you numerous benefits in terms of parental control. In the past, many parents did not know how to deal with this situation because they saw their children spend too much time on mobile phones, or their children were addicted to instant messaging, social networks. By using WhatsApp monitoring software like iKeyMonitor, what you can monitor is not only WhatsApp messages on children’s phones.

Many parents are not very familiar with monitoring technology, so it is very difficult to perform complex operations on mobile phones, and complex operations will bring burdens to them. However, iKeyMonitor WhatsApp web spy apk is very easy to install and configure, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all. In addition, iKeyMonitor also provides WhatsApp spy apk free trial for you to use.

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on WhatsApp

You can monitor keystrokes entered, sent and received text messages, voice messages, screenshots of WhatsApp chats, and photos sent and received in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp keystrokes

Capture Screenshots on WhatsApp to Detect Suspicious Photos

You can take screenshots of WhatsApp activities periodically, including photos, videos, chat apps, and websites visited. You can also capture screenshots on touch action or when alert words are detected in keystrokes or WhatsApp.

whatsapp screenshots

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on WhatsApp

You can set up keyword alerts on your children’s mobile phones. In this way, you will get instant alerts by email whenever WhatsApp is used on the target device or the alert keywords are triggered.

get alerts

Set Screen Time Limit on WhatsApp

With iKeyMontior, you can restrict WhatsApp through specific rules. Therefore, your children will know when to use WhatsApp, when to study, sleep and eat.

Screen Time Limit


By downloading WhatsApp spy apk like iKeyMonitor, you can know if your children are in danger on WhatsApp. In addition, you can keep track of all your children’s mobile activities. As the most reliable WhatsApp spy app, iKeyMonitor is a good choice for users who are concerned about their children’s safety. Sign up and start protecting!

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