How to Download A Free Keylogger on Someone’s iPhone 2024

How Can I Spy on My Son’s iPhone?

Spying on an iPhone is not easy, especially when you cannot hide the app icon of the iPhone keylogger. In modern society, everyone pays attention to protecting their privacy. They keep their phones protected with passwords, thumb impressions, and various app lockers. Hence you need a spy app which is completely invisible. Moreover, some keyloggers are very expensive and unaffordable for many people. Here I am bringing you with the solution of free keylogger for iPhone.

iKeyMonitor is one of the best iPhone spy applications to download on the target device and you can keep your kids safe in this dangerous world. It offers 3days free trial version for users to try before purchasing.

iKeyMonitor Is the Best iPhone Spy Application:

iKeyMonitor is a free iPhone keylogger app that support almost all the iOS operating system. Downloading and using this keylogger is extremely easy. The best thing about the iKeyMonitor is that you can easily access the spying logs on your account from any device.

How to Install:

Installation process of iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone is very easy. You can follow the user guide available on the website or chat with the customer support team to get a solution. Here is the complete process:

  • First of all, you are required to sign up for a secret ID that nobody knows.
  • After that, you will go to the official website and download the app. You are required to use the same ID which you had created a few moments before.
  • The third step is to download and install it. Make sure that your Internet connection is stable.
  • Once the installation of keylogger for iPhone is complete, you can start spying on someone’s phone.

iKeyMonitor Geo-Fencing Feature:

Once the whole process is complete, now it is time to receive the data reports on your device. You will get eamils of the SMS history, browsing data, apps installed, social chat apps messages, and GPS location and more.

Besides that, this keylogger for iOS device comes with the Geo-fencing feature. The Geo-fencing feature allows you to mark a location or boundary that you want your kid to stay in. Whenever your kid leave the safe place, you will get an alert email of his location. You can also use the Geo-fencing feature to keep him from entering a dangerous place.

So, if you want to protect your child from online predators, obscene websites or all the wrong decisions, or if you need to keep track of your employees who might abuse your device at your company’s time and money, then iKeyMonitor is the best iPhone keylogger for you.

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