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It’s necessary and meaningful to disable Samsung apps however much you like to use Samsung phone. As one of the leading mobile phone brands in the world right now, Samsung mobile phone is widely used in offices and households. Now in this generation, a phone that provides access to many applications, good camera, and robust connectivity is considered an ideal phone among many; just like Samsung. However, this specific feature may be good news to some but not all. That is why I will introduce how to block apps on your Samsung phone with iKeyMonitor.

How to Disable Samsung Apps?

I will take Galaxy S6 as an example to show you how to disable Samsung apps without removal.

  • Touch Settings—Applications—Application Manager
  • Switch to All tab to select the unwanted apps
  • Tap Disable to disable apps

After disabling process is finished, you won’t find the disabled apps on the app screen. If you want to enable these apps, you can go to Settings—Applications—Application Manager, switch to Disabled tab, tap a disabled app and tab Enable. Remember that you can only disable pre-installed or built-in apps on Samsung phone with such method. You cannot disable the third-party apps.

How Does iKeyMonitor Block Third-party Apps?

Although you cannot block Samsung apps which are installed on Samsung by yourself, you can block all apps with iKeyMonitor Android app blocker. For those who know and understand the need of good spy apps, iKeyMonitor is the one that can meet all the requirements. You need to root a Samsung phone before downloading and installing iKeyMonitor.

With iKeyMonitor android spy app, parents and employers can not only block apps for Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy with different rules, but also perform monitoring tasks efficiently. It keeps track of SMS, logs keystrokes and passwords entered on target Android phone and tracks GPS locations in automatic mode so that the target Samsung users won’t discover that they are being monitored. iKeyMonitor then sends all these activities and information to a private email or FTP account for remote view.

Why Use iKeyMonitor to Block Apps on Samsung?

There are many reasons why parents and employees should/can use the above-mentioned monitoring app to block apps on Samsung. Causes for worry in this technological era are many especially for parents with minors who are active mobile phone users and employers (that have provided Samsung devices for their employees) who are constantly worried about company information leakage and employee productivity.

  • Parental control
    With iKeyMonitor for Android, a parent can relax knowing that he or she has children’s phone activities under control. Nothing beats the happiness of a parent who knows that the kids are always safe online with their Samsung phone. The peace of mind that one can achieve with the use of iKeyMonitor Android spy app is beyond measurement.
  • Employee monitoring
    If you are an employer, this spy app can help you put down your worries as you can not only block Samsung apps that may be hindering employee concentration and productivity, but also detect any phishing scams or malicious apps that may threaten your company privacy.

It’s easy for you to disable Samsung apps which are pre-installed, but it would be hard for you to disable third-party apps. You can only remove the third-party apps. However, you can use iKeyMonitor to block all these pre-installed and third-party apps without removing the apps, which allows you to block Samsung apps like games/Facebook/WhatsApp using the above variety features. Having iKeyMonitor app block in hand means the PEACE OF MIND.


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