Bullying Stories: How to Stop Cyberbullying 2024

bullying stories

According to surveys, there are bullying stories all over the world. In the past, bullying only happened in schools. After leaving school, children often forget what happened. However, social media has completely changed this situation. Nowadays, many children are being bullied on social media platforms. Check out this guide below to learn about the causes and effects of cyberbullying and how to stop cyberbullying.

Bullying Stories from Girls

This era is full of dangers, and the problem of protecting our teenagers and children is more severe than ever. Here are some personal bullying stories from victims and their family:

Caroline: A Girl Who Was Bullied Because of Her Body

We cannot choose our body. Some people are born with a large structure, while others are skinny. This does not mean that we can judge them according to how people look. However, Caroline’s situation is different. What happened in her seventh grade had a negative impact on her personality. Because of her flat chest, she is known as stingray on social media platforms. This incident made her very inferior, making it difficult for her to complete her studies.

Bullied Because of Her Body

Jessica Logan: The Girl Who Was Bullied by A Playboy

Here, we got another girl with a cute face. She was famous for falling in love with a playboy, which is precisely the reason for her death. In 2008, 18-year old Jessica Logan committed suicide after the continuous torture from her schoolfellows. She exchanged nude photos with her friend, but her friend spread the photos to his friends and other college classmates. Due to being unable to take the heartache and continuous mocking at school, Jessica chose to commit suicide when she was 18.

Was Bullied by A Playboy

Hannah Smith: Cyberbullying Leads to Suicide

The third story is from a 13-year-old teenager. She tried to commit suicide because she was bullied at school. After the suicide, after checking her laptop, cell phone, and other belongings, her family found out what the child had experienced and learned the cause of her death. Before drinking bleach, Hanna Smith logged into Ask.fm and posted her news of being bullied at school. Others laughed at her and encouraged her to drink bleach to end her life. So she drank and shocked her family. The whole incident occurred in 2013, but similar things are still happening today.

Cyberbullying Leads to Suicide

What Are the Causes and Effects of Cyberbullying?

Every day, many children suffer from cyberbullying. As a responsible parent, you need to know everything about cyberbullying. Knowing why kids cyberbully others, you will know how to effectively deal with cyberbullying.

The Causes of Cyberbullying

  • Cyberbullies are bored and looking for entertainment
  • Cyberbullies succumb to peer pressure
  • Cyberbullies think everyone is doing it
  • Cyberbullies believe they won’t get caught
  • Cyberbullies lack empathy

Cyberbulling causes

The Effects of Cyberbullying

  • Avoiding talking to friends or socializing
  • Seeming especially quiet or withdrawn at home, or isolating in their room
  • Losing interest in activities that previously gave them joy
  • Inability to concentrate on schoolwork or homework
  • Falling grades
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Desire to skip school or avoiding school-related activities
  • Seeming angry or upset whenever they look at their phone
  • Exhibiting secretive behavior about what they’ve seen or done on their phone
  • Abruptly stop using their phone
  • Use of drugs or alcohol

cyberbullying effects

Top Three Ways to Stop Cyberbullying

Here are three effective ways that you can use to deal with cyberbullying and protect your kids.

Tell Your Children Not to Respond

Tell your children not to respond to any cyberbullying threats or comments online. However, tell them not to delete any bullying-related messages. Instead, print out all the messages, including the email address or social media profiles of the bullies. You will need these messages to verify and prove cyberbullying.

parental control

Support and Understand Your Children

Don’t blame your children to prevent overreaction. If your children are being bullied, please support and understand. Find out how long the bullying has been and make sure you will work together to find a solution. Let your children know that they should not be bullied.

Help Your Kids Understand What Happened

Install A Spy App on Your Children’s Devices

With a reliable spy app like iKeyMonitor, you can check almost all your children’s online activities without their knowledge. You can monitor text messages, website browsing history, chat messages on social chat apps, and more. In this way, you can take timely measures to protect your children from cyberbullying.


How to Prevent Cyberbullying with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a parental control app that helps you detect cyberbullying signs and protect your children from potential harm. Here are the benefits of using iKeyMonitor:

Take Screenshots to Detect Cyberbullying Signs

iKeyMonitor regularly captures screenshots of mobile activities, including photos, videos, chat apps, and browsers, so you can easily detect cyberbullying signs before things getting worse.

Capture Screenshots

Block Dangerous Apps to Protect Your Kids

iKeyMonitor app blocker can restrict apps and games on the target device. You can always block dangerous apps or set a maximum daily usage time on your children’s devices. In this way, you can protect your children’s eyesight and keep them away from cyberbullying.


Set Screen Time Limit on Your Kids’ Phones

iKeyMonitor supports limiting the screen time on your children’s devices. This feature allows you to limit the time children spend on screen, and you can freely block this app at certain times, such as bedtime and homework time.

Screen Time Limit

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed

iKeyMonitor keylogger tracks every keystroke typed on the target device, including the pasted text, so you can clearly know what is happening on your children’s phones and whether you need to take steps to protect them.

keystrokes on iphone

Get Alerts about Cyberbullying Activities

iKeyMonitor alert words feature enables you to set up keyword alerts on your children’s cell phones. In this way, you can get instant alerts via email timely whenever messages about cyberbullying are received on their smartphones.

get alerts


As a responsible parent, you need to tell your children about bullying stories and how to deal with cyberbullying. In addition, you can use a monitoring app such as iKeyMonitor to monitor your children’s online activities. Sign up for free and start monitoring.

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