Instagram Rolls Out New Features to Help Stop Cyberbullying 2024

As the usage of Instagram is increasing, the incidents of cyberbullying are appearing now and then. That’s the reason Instagram brought new features to stop these incidents. Teens and kids hate trolling and cyberbullying. It has become quite common that many people try to troll and bully others even without knowing them. Many types of research consider it a mental health issue which is hard to deal in a short time. Therefore, there is a need for some technological solutions in this regard which can safeguard children against social media bullying. In the past, Instagram had already provided various options to deal with Cyberbullying but they failed. Instead, that led to an increase in bullying events. Today a lot of teens and kids suffer from this problem so again new features are introduced.

Instagram’s New Feature to Deal with Cyberbullying

There is no denial of the fact that social sites are useful in connecting people. Now a person can talk to and make video calls to another one sitting in Africa. This has changed the world to a whole level and made the communication process easier than ever. But along with that, there are a number of serious and harmful effects of the social sites for the users mainly the kids. Considering the need to handle Cyberbullying, Instagram introduced a new feature restrict. This option allows the users to deal with the bullies and get rid of them. It can stop anyone from commenting on their posts and walls. The bullied can comment but it will not be visible to anyone, except the person who comments and the person who is being bullied. Here are some of the ways in which this feature is useful:
  • This feature enables you to understand how bullying on social sites is done. Most people comment on the posts, photos, and statuses of others. In this process, they tend to use offensive words to target a particular person. When others see such comments, they start bullying and that becomes really hard for the person to handle it.
  • According to this feature, it will let the bullied comment. But no one will know about it because it remains Automatic. Therefore, bullies will think they have done their job but others will not see anything.
  • This will help you to peacefully deal with cyberbullying issues. This feature is very useful for the teen and kids who are often bullied on Instagram as it safeguards them from facing such incidents.

Why Should You Remain Concerned About Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a dominance, abuse, and misuse of sources for insulting others and dragging them down. Most of the bullies feel pleasure when it comes to bullying others. It may look like a great and wonderful experience but it is not at all so. Before you know about the Instagram new feature to deal with Cyberbullying, you must know about the effects and harms of Cyberbullying. These are some major effects of cyberbullying:

Social Impacts

As a result of a bully, the kids and teens feel lonely and they do not want to socialize with anyone. When a kid is bullied, it has a direct effect is on their behavior. Often, they may not trust anyone and even their siblings and friends after facing such incidents in life.

Psychological Impacts

When kids are bullied, they feel depressed which ultimately impacts their mental health. Such kids start believing that everyone is around them is alike. It becomes the biggest challenge of life for kids and teens and most importantly does not know how to deal with this.

Physical Impacts

Sometimes there are some physical impacts of cyberbullying. There are teens and kids who are bullied if that continues then it may affect their social setting, and they feel lonely. They may often develop a complex which also affects their physical health.

Impact on Mental Health

The mental health of the kids and teens are affected the most. Cyberbullying is directly linked with confidence and mental development of children so it has a great effect on the mental health of the children and they start reducing confidence to face the world.

How Can You Deal with Cyberbullying?

There are lots of people on Instagram who are bullied every single day. This has become the biggest issue for you to keep the children protected. Instagram also tries to overcome such a situation and that’s the reason it is continuously launching a few features that will help to keep children safe online. Here are some of the other ways by which you can deal with this situation:
  • Apart from using the Instagram new feature, there is another practical and reliable solution. You can use a spy app like iKeyMonitor to track the activities of your children on Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • You can also have a direct conversation with your children regarding the harmful impacts of using some of the features of social media.
  • Make sure you check your kids’ social media regularly or set up notifications on their phones. In this way, you can know what happened at the first time of the problem.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Dealing With Cyberbullying

If you keep worrying about their children because they are bullied online, they should start using iKeyMonitor. It is the best parental control app, and it has various feature that helps you to deal with bullies. It is the best option for you when it comes to managing to bully. These are some of the features which make it useful:
  • Using this app, you are able to keep eyes on the social media use of their children. You can access their social accounts and find what they do on those platforms.
  • If you doubt your kids are being bullied, then you can check the keystrokes they typed to detect signs.
  • With the help of taking screenshots feature, you can easily find out if their kids are being bullied or not.
You are concerned about the growing cyberbullying on social media especially Instagram and dating websites. Instagram has come up with a feature to deal with this problem. As social media sites became popular among the people, more users are joining every day. So, you should make use of monitoring apps like iKeyMonitor and protect children from such hazards.


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