Best Browsing History Tracker: Monitor Browsing History on Kid’s Phone 2024

Browsing History Tracker

Over time technology has gone too far, a browsing history tracker is a tool that enables parents to check the browsing history of the kids. These days, kids are also familiar with technology and its uses. Therefore, with the help of browsing history tracker, kids can be followed and easily check their activities online and hence monitor them.

What Is Browsing History Tracker

Internet is beneficial for kids also. It has made the task easier but it is also important for parents to keep their activities in check. Usually, young age kids have a curiosity to check out things which are new to them and out of curiosity they tend to visit such inappropriate websites. Browsing history tracker is a tool that helps the parents to check out the history of the browser that kid was using. This is quite a necessary step for monitoring the kid’s activities on the Internet. These are some of the features of browsing history tracker:

  • You can use this tool remotely to check the past activities of the child. That means children will not know that they are tracked.
  • It enables you to look out on all the details of the web pages that the kid might have visited over a duration of time.
  • You can even block certain apps and games that you find suspicious.

Why Parents Need to Use Browsing History Tracker

Apart from many other reasons, the main reason is that there is so much content on the Internet which is inappropriate for the kids. Therefore, you have to monitor them using website history tracker software. When kids use the Internet browser of phone or any other device, they can have access to any content. While the information may be helpful in some they might also get exposed to dangerous and harmful content present on the Internet. To protect them from such inappropriate content, it is important to use a web history tracker. Here are some more reasons for using the tracker:

  • Usually, kids are not aware of the difference between which sites should be opened and which content to avoid. So, it is the parents’ responsibility to teach them what is good and what is bad.
  • It is better for the parents to monitor kid’s activities so that you can keep the track of what kind of content your kid is exposed to over the Internet. By using web history tracker, you can do that very easily.
  • It’s necessary to use such software to protect your child from the harmful effects of the Internet.

Benefits of the Browsing History Tracker

Using Internet history tracking app, you can easily monitor your child’s web browsing history. It is a parental control software which is very easy to use and control. You can use it even when you are working or doing other things on your device. There are some very attractive features like showing you the time and date of the browser history which enables you to more about your child. You can check how many times a particular website has been visited. In this way, you can get a rough idea of how your kid behaves online. These are a few more benefits of using the tracker:

  • Internet is important for your child’s advancement but it should be safe for them. If you can properly monitor your child’s online activities, you can make browsing a safe and pleasant experience for your child.
  • With the help of a free browsing history tracker, you can keep an eye on your child’s activities and what she/he browses on the Internet. You can easily check whether your child is exposed to harmful websites and thus you can prevent your child from visiting such websites again.
  • Along with the details of the websites that they have visited, there are time and date mentioned with each of the browsed websites. As few trackers like iKeyMonitor can be used on smartphones also so it tells you even the websites visited through the mobile browsers.
  • Another great feature is that you can directly access the dashboard and see all the data related to your child’s browsing history that implies you get everything in one place.

How iKeyMonitor Browsing History Tracker Helps You

The Internet has proved to be a boon for mankind. Children are also learning lots of things from it. But the Internet doesn’t have only good things to offer many bad things come with the good one. If you are allowing your child to access the Internet for learning new things, then that means they are even becoming prone to all the hazards online. When it is about browsing websites on the Internet, then there are numbers of websites which can cause harm to your child. Thus, every parent must make it a thumb rule to install an effective tool like iKeyMonitor which helps in tracking the browsing history of the browser and find out the website that the child has visited over time. Here are some more features of iKeyMonitor:

  • It helps in checking the browsing history on mobile phones.
  • All you have to do is install the app on the child’s device and keep access with you. The app tends to send you a notification when it finds that the child is prone to something dangerous.
  • Once you are aware of what are the harmful sites that the child is visiting you can step against it. You can either talk to the child directly or you can even check such sites remotely.

So, every parent needs to be more sensitive. You can use browsing history tracker and keep tabs on what kind of websites your child is visiting. In this way, you can easily keep kids away from such dangers and provide enough protection online.

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