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I found iKeyMonitor on internet while searching for the best free monitoring apps, I found many apps but I didn’t get the right app which suits me, then I found iKeyMonitor which is best and reliable to use.

How does iKeyMonitor works

If you are using iKeyMonitor for first time then you may face some difficulties like installing, giving permissions for app and setting you to do for iKeyMonitor to work properly but don’t worry it will guide you for every single problem you can access every step by seeing guide in iKeyMonitor. If you want to monitor someone’s smartphone then you are at the right place you just have to access of the phone which you want spy or monitor. Take the targets phone and install iKeyMonitor to their phone and give all permissions which it will ask for so you can get the details of the user. It is much difficult as it looks. You can do it within five minutes without any problems. You have to give permissions like phone, call, SMS, and many more and you have to give permissions for accessibility for internet services. Don’t get confuse foe internet services, iKeyMonitor install in your phone as internet services. When you open the app, it will automatically guide you, and all you need to do is click on configure options and follow the instructions. Remember, every step is vital to the success of the process.

Features I liked the most

iKeyMonitor gives you lots of features which will make you love this app. According to me the best features are, it is free at first when you sign-up for the first time. Later you have to sign in to cloud app in web browser there you will get every details. Again it will give more days free license for sharing iKeyMonitor on the social media apps like facebook and twitter. It will not take much time for sign up process as my experience I looked for many apps but when I try to sign up it always shows user name already exits but in ikeymonitor I signed up within a minute. And many apps get crash while signing up but it is very easy to sign-up on iKeyMonitor. It will give you every details of the target phone you can access their contacts chats and location all comes in the iKeyMonitor. Not only this, you can get the screen shots of the phone you can set the timer of the screen shot which is very useful. The victim won’t get any information that someone looking for their phone details. It is very useful for parents who thinks their children’s are doing some bad activities and they don’t know how to catch them, IKeyMoniter perfect for them. It is very useful for the owners also who want to spy on their workers, who wants to know what workers really doing, where they are going or traveling how much time they spend on the field etc. It will give the details of the chats both incoming and outgoing chats. It will track all SMS and calls of the person. It will give every keywords which the person typed or searched for. It will receive the images which receive on the targets phone. It will spy on almost every social media apps like Viber, Whatsapp, facebook, IMO, we talk, and many essential social media apps, and get their data when they use. And one of the best part I liked the most about this app is you don’t need to root your phone, I have seen many spying apps asks for rooted phone but this one don’t need a rooted phone. I installed iKeyMonitor on Redmi y1 and I’m getting every details up to date.

Problems I faced in iKeyMonitor

I haven’t faced lots of problems in iKeyMonitor but some of them are important like sometimes I didn’t get the  browsing history because it requires rooting also which is very important now a days. These are the problems I faced in iKeyMonitor, but rest of these everything works fine. And If I face any problems I can contact to customer care easily.


According to me, this is the best ever spy or monitoring app I ever seen, you don’t need lots of time to do, you just need few minutes to access the targets phone and simple steps to follow the instructions which are already provided in the app so you can save the time also. You can get every details of the targets phone.

It is very cheap in price and easy to use, and best part is it is giving free preview you can use it free for one day and trust me, you will love this app. As my experience, this is the best. I generally won’t post about any app but I want to share about this app. Because you will get everything you want from your targets phone. You just need have access to targets phone and a little knowledge about internet and smartphones. If you want to take care of your family and protect your children from bad things or bad work, you can use this monitoring app to track all their online activities.

And if you want to get details of your workers and spy on them, you need this app. You can see lots of frauds are happening just because of awareness and you have the time to stop it.
It is not hard as you think, your one step towards your family or towards your job and business.

This app works fine and give you every single information about chats and data of the person. I personally recommend this app for monitoring. And want to thank for providing this app.

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Akash Sherikar
Monday, November 25, 2019 @ 07:28:11 am


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