Parental Control Guide: How to Monitor Kids’ YouTube History 2024

As technology advances, it becomes easier to monitor YouTube in modern society. YouTube is a popular social media platform that enables people to watch, share, and upload videos. One can learn a lot of educational and technical tutorials on YouTube. If your children spend too much time on YouTube, you should pay attention to your children’s viewing history to ensure their safety. However, you can’t easily detect what your children are watching on YouTube unless you use a monitoring tool. Every parent cares about what their children are doing on the Internet. They want to know what websites children are browsing and which social media and videos they like to use and watch. If your children like to watch YouTube videos and you find some inappropriate content on those videos, you can use a spy app to monitor your children’s YouTube history.

Why Is iKeyMonitor Useful in Monitoring YouTube

Parents must be alert that children may watch content on YouTube that is not suitable for them. For example, children and their friends may share some adult websites or porn videos for fun. It is not good for children to watch unseemly content as it may have negative effects on mood, resulting in swings, sadness, and depression. To monitor YouTube history of your children, you can download iKeyMonitor to detect anything inappropriate. The app helps in tracking down the unhealthy content, and you can take timely measures to avoid dangers.

iKeyMonitor is an app that lets you monitor the browsing history of your child’s YouTube account. It is specially designed for parental control. It came as a breakthrough in the spyware market because it is very convenient to use and affordable for most people. The app runs easily on Android and iOS devices. It offers many exclusive features.

  • You can view a history of all the searches inside YouTube.
  • It allows you to take screenshots of the YouTube video.
  • It enables you to see the titles of the videos that have been watched.

How to Monitor YouTube with iKeyMonitor

If you are wondering how to download this super helpful app to overcome your problems, please follow the steps below.

  1. 1. Sign up

    Sign up for a free account of iKeyMonitor.

  2. 2. Log in Cloud

    Log into the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor to the target Android phone or add no-jailbreak spy for iPhone / iPad.

  3. 3. Install iKeyMonitor

    Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key (No install needed for iPhone / iPad no-jailbreak spy).

  4. 4. Start Spying

    Start spying on the Cloud Panel.

In Addition to Monitoring YouTube, iKeyMonitor Gives You Other Beneficials

This app helps you to sit back and relax as it monitors your child’s YouTube all the time. Apart from that, this app gives you many other benefits.

  • It allows you to monitor call history and SMS text messages.
  • It tracks real-time GPS locations.
  • It lets you set safe and forbidden zones with Geo-fencing feature.
  • It spies on chat messages on various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Line and so on.
  • It offers a free trial for every parent to use before purchasing.
  • It has a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can try it without concerns.

Other Ways to Monitor YouTube

There are other ways to help you monitor your child’s YouTube history, so you don’t have to worry. These methods include:

Public Area

One way to monitor what your child is watching on YouTube is to keep an eye on them. You can make a rule that YouTube is only allowed in public areas at home, such as the kitchen or living room, and only when there are other people around. This approach can help ensure that you can instantly catch something unsuitable and discuss it with your child at the moment.

Login Site

If your child is signed in to their Google Account on their device, or if they are using your Google Account, you can monitor the history on YouTube. Just make sure you are logged in to the same account you use on your device. After entering the main YouTube site, the link to check the history should be on the left. Even if you are not on the same device, the history should match what is viewed on all devices with the same account.

Check the Device

If there is a rule in your home that the children need to hand over the devices to parents every night, you can use that time to monitor the YouTube app. When you open the app, click the search icon. The search history should be pulled up to let you know of all the searches that occurred in the app. To view the watch history, you can click the Library icon in the app and then click History. If the search and viewing history is blank, you can be sure your child has manually deleted the history.

It is important to take care of children not to let them see harmful things, as this may affect your child for a long time. Obviously, you can’t monitor YouTube history of your kids all the time, or you can’t monitor them every time. Don’t worry, even if your child is far away from you, iKeyMonitor will solve the problem for you. If your child is viewing inappropriate content on YouTube, the notification will be sent to you by email. You can also use the app to limit screen time and let your child focus on their studies and life.

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