Ensure Your Child’s Safety: Block iPad Apps 2024

Blocking iPad apps sound callous but in reality, it is a crucial aspect to consider when you have kids accessing an iPad or any similar iOS device. In as much as Apple has taken steps to provide functions for restricting and controlling web and applications activity on these devices, it has not proven to be efficient enough and thus given room for the development of many other similar apps. You can turn to iKeyMonitor if you want to block third-party apps on your children’s iPads with time limit rules.

There are many spy apps for iPad in the market. However, I see no better app than iKeyMonitor spy app for iPads. iKeyMonitor is the best way to manage and monitor your child’s iPad activity. By making a few simple clicks, you can restrict access to certain explicit content, limit particular app usage and also block apps on iPad.

How does iKeyMonitor operate?

Firstly, it should be interesting to know that iKeyMonitor for iPad works in an Automatic mode. Apart from being extremely efficient, iKeyMonitor spy app is the best app you can get with the ability to effectively block apps on iPad. This spy software derives its efficiency from its impeccably designed mode of operations.

Upon installation, iKeyMonitor not only logs all keystrokes and passwords typed, but also captures screenshots of iPad activities in a preset interval and records entered email contents. After that, it delivers all these logs to a preset email address or uploads to FTP account where you can keep track of all activities taking place on the target iPad.

After receiving the monitoring logs, you can decide to stop iPad apps which are considered to be inappropriate or harmful for iPad users. If you think that children have spent too much time on the social media apps on iPad during homework time, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, then you can block these apps during that period. When children finish their homework, you unblock these apps on their iPads.

How is it useful to block iPad apps with iKeyMonitor?

This feature of blocking iPad apps is very helpful. The following explains how it is useful to block iPad apps with iKeyMonitor.

  • Block specific apps on iPad
    As a parent and adult, you should know that not all sites are suitable for minors, which is why iKeyMonitor spy app for iPad has made it easy to block apps/games with time limit rules that are inappropriate or distracting on the iOS device. The spy app blocks all X-rated sites and allows you to control access to any app that may deem to be harmful or non-productive.
  • Limit screen time on iPad
    iKeyMonitor iPad spy app enables you to limit your kid from accessing iPad screen with specific time rules. If you decide to let them use some apps, then there is also an option for you to choose when they can access these apps. iKeyMonitor allows you to clearly outline specific rules on your child’s iPad usage especially when it is study time or bedtime.
  • Block new apps installed on iPad
    With iKeyMonitor iPad spy app you can restrict children, employees or any other target iPad users from accessing new apps installed without your approval because iKeyMonitor can automatically block new apps installed on the target iPad. You may need to approve the apps from your monitoring device before they can access these newly installed apps.

Key features of iKeyMonitor

The key features of iKeyMonitor are listed below, through which you will realize how powerful iKeyMonitor parental control tool is.

  • Block apps/ games like Siri, camera, and App store
  • Limit screen time
  • Log all the keystrokes typed on iPad
  • Record passwords entered
  • Keep track of web activities
  • Filter inappropriate websites
  • Capture screenshots periodically
  • Record voice messages
  • Listen to phone surroundings
  • Record call history
  • Record both-side calls on Android

Today, many parents/people experience a lot of difficulties to monitor activities taking place on iOS devices, iPad especially. These challenges apply mostly to watching children and ensuring that their safety is a guarantee at all times with or without parents’ presence. Relax now! Just use iKeyMonitor to watch children’s activities on iPad/iPhone and block iPad apps whenever the need arises and then you can experience the pleasure since you don’t have to worry about your children’s online safety.


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