How to Block Google Play Store on Your Android Device? 2024

Many Android users are seeking different methods to block Google play store. Why? Android applications have by far and wide taken technology to amazing levels. You can order coffee or pizza from the comfort of your home or even book flights while on traffic. There are so many things that you can do with applications. Even so, they come with very few downsides, in the form of prompts that guide you to buying another app. Though least noticed, these prompts can be so annoying, especially when you are in the middle of enjoying using your app. Apparently, the majority of these in-app purchase prompts appear in rather cheap or free applications in almost all categories. At this time, do you want to block Google play store on Android devices?

Even though many people find it easy to dismiss this in-app purchase prompts, it’s likewise quite easy to accidentally click on the purchase link. Various studies have revealed that a large sum of money is spent on the in-app purchase, with almost 90% of them being accidental. So how can you deal with these? How can you block the access to Google play store in-app purchases on your Android device?

Block Google Play Store with Passwords

Thanks to Google play store, you can block in-app purchases and completely avoid accidental purchases. The process itself does not block Google play store on cell phone completely, but rather minimize the possibility of accidental or unwarranted in-app purchases by use of a password. This method will go a long way in helping minimize the possibility of clicking app link accidentally, thus ultimately prevent in-app purchases. Although this may be viewed as a tedious process by many, it’s important to note that this process produces results.

Setting up password requirements for in-app purchases:

  • Open Google store in your android device.
  • Tap on the menu icon. This will give you a drop down with a list of options for you to select from.
  • Select settings from the drop-down options. This will give you another set of options to choose from.
  • Under the option User controls, tap on Use password to restrict purchases in order to enable it. This way, you will be able to activate your password to protect you from making any in-app purchases. If this option is not active, tap on the set or change pin options in order to establish a new password.

On completion of setting this password, you will be entirely safe from making unprompted or accidental application purchases. Every time you will need to make an application purchase (except for free apps), you will be required to type in a password. Even so, it’s of utter importance to remember NEVER to click on the Never Ask Me Again prompt that always appears. This will ultimately cancel the purpose of setting the password in the first place. However, if you are the only one using the Android device and you are sure that you will never accidentally click on the in-app purchase prompts that constantly appear, you can decide not to set the password, or even better disable it if you have already set it. However, this is not a God move since humans are to error and we can never be perfect.

Block Google Play Store with iKeyMonitor

If what you want to block is more than Google play store, or you want to lock Google play store completely when you don’t want your children to spend too much time on the screen of Android devices, you can try iKeyMonitor app blocker for Android. iKeyMonitor enables you to block all the inappropriate apps on Android with different time rules.

For example, you can block Google play store and other apps in homework time or bedtime when your children are supposed to do homework or go to bed. You can also lock all these inappropriate apps completely until you remove them from the “blocked apps” list.

Now do you know how to block Google play store on Android device? You can try the two different methods to find one which suits you the most. If you want to have more flexible control over apps and games on Android devices, you can consider iKeyMonitor Android app blocker.


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