Effective Ways to Block Google Play/Android Market from Inappropriate Downloads 2024

What are the effective ways to block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads? ‘Google Play’ is an open Android Market where millions of apps are accessed all across the world day in day out. There are varying apps for utility, fun, games, recreation, social networking and nearly every Android user derives enough fun and satisfaction in using them. However, there is no restraint on using apps and viable age check feature. Therefore, a kid can access and download the app just like an adult. Hence, sometimes it’s imperative to block apps on Google Play since there are some apps which are not meant for kids.

Why Is Blocking Google Play/Android Market from Inappropriate Downloads Held Crucial?

As said above, Google Play operates apps practically with no restriction, so anyone can download anything anytime. When a child, by mistake or out of curiosity starts downloading an app, severe problems may occur. This downside has also knocked the psyche of Google so today viable solutions are sought to end this hitch.

Today app blockers for Android can be used to lock Google Play on mobile devices. Certainly, the process is not too tough to complete and there is no need for special knowledge and tool to perform the task. Using Android app blockers such as iKeyMonitor, one can not only effectively block in-app purchases, but also shun accidental downloads. This app is the brainchild of Awosoft Technology Co, founded in 2005. The prime objective of this company is to offer cutting-edge spy software so that unwanted downloading incidents can be avoided. Backed by this spy app, the event of clicking a link accidentally is unlikely to happen. Hence there won’t be any unwarranted in-app purchases.

How Is iKeyMonitor Helpful in Blocking Google Play/Android Market from Inappropriate Downloads?

What are the possible solutions to stay away from unwanted downloads? One either needs to keep the steady eye on children which is next to impossible or needs to uninstall Google play store forever so that children may not get an opportunity to download anything. Of course, both the options are ineffective. However, with the help of iKeyMonitor app blocker for Android, it will be possible to restrict or block apps which are seemingly unsuitable. iKeyMonitor works upon varying time rules. For example, apps can be restricted during bedtime or homework times. These apps may remain blocked until they are released from the blocked list. So it’s virtually feasible to block inappropriate apps/games/websites with iKeyMonitor app blocker. What’s more, you can disable Google Play on cell phone directly so that the children won’t be able to download apps without your permission.

Essential Features of iKeyMonitor Spy App

Besides blocking the installation of new apps from Google Play, iKeyMonitor also has many other key features which are listed below.

  • Log Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log Both-Side Call History
  • Record Both-side Calls
  • Listen to Phone surroundings
  • Log Sent and Received SMS
  • Log chats on Facebook/Skype/Kik/Viber
  • Log URLs of Websites Visited
  • Block Inappropriate Apps/Games
  • Capture Screenshots at a Preset Interval
  • Log Chat Messages in Hangouts
  • Track GPS Location of the Target Phone
  • View Logs via Email/Online Server
  • Monitor All Activities in an Automatic Mode
  • Limit Screen Time on Android Phone

With iKeyMonitor android spy app, parents or employers will find it easy to block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads on the Android phone of children or employees whenever they feel necessary. In this way, iKeyMonitor works well to prevent children or employees from downloading inappropriate or unwanted apps.

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