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Be in Control – Track iPhone Activities with iPhone 6 Spy App 2022

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iPhone 6 spy app helps you keep everything under control no matter who you are. If you are a business owner or executive, worrying that your employees leak confidential information of your company or you want to figure out if they abuse working time when traveling out, or a very concerned parent stressing out constantly about your children’s online interactions and their safety from harms and dangers when they are using their iPhone 6, installing a iPhone 6 spy software such as iKeyMonitor, will finally give you a good night sleep.

What Does the iPhone 6 Spy App Bring to You?

Just take a look at what iPhone tracking app can bring to you.

  • Keep track of typed keystrokes and passwords
  • Log both sent and received SMS text messages
  • Track URLs and title of visited websites in Safari
  • Log messages in WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Line, Viber, Facebook, Hangouts
  • Log instant messages with keystroke logging
  • Record social networks like Facebook/Twitter
  • Monitor Email content composed by keystrokes
  • Capture iPhone screen shots in a preset interval
  • Deliver logs automatically via Email/FTP/Online Cloud Server
  • Access to change settings or view logs remotely
  • Remotely control iPhone 6 spy app’s monitoring status
  • Monitoring all activities in an invisible mode

A spy app for iPhone is used to record all activity on iPhone or iPad you own, and is also used by kids, and employees to feel in control of your family and your employees. In case you’re thinking you might be crossing a grey legal area by installing the iPhone spy software, fear not, monitoring your own property is perfectly legal.

Easy-to-Use iPhone 6 Spy App

The software like iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad keylogger is invisible, undetectable and easy to install. Once installed the users won’t be able to find out that the software is operating on the target iPhone 6. The stealthy iPhone 6 spy software runs silently in the background and keeps on recording all the keystrokes and passwords entered, any texts sent via any application whatsoever, taking screenshots, tracking SMS and WhatsApp messages, monitoring and reading emails and IM messages sent, logging websites visited, and so much more.

The software itself is inexpensive while remaining easy for the average person to use. Absolutely no technical knowledge has to be known before installing the user-friendly iPhone 6 spy application. The process of the installation is very simple and is set up in just a couple of clicks. One the product has been installed it keeps on doing the job without any maintenance required from your end.

The information that is being collected is transmitted to you automatically via email or delivered to your FTP server. It is truly remarkable how many complex tasks a simple piece of software is able to achieve.

The Best Reason for Installing iPhone 6 Spy App

But the best reason of all for installing an iPhone 6 spy app, and specifically iKeyMonitor if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, is to finally be stress-free with your life on your own hands. You will not worry anymore that your employees are lying to you or may reveal confidential information to your competitors, as you’ll be able to watch their every move on the phones. You will not have to worry anymore about who your children are interacting with online and in real life, and you will be able to safeguard them from harmful information and dangerous people. You will not worry anymore about employees abusing time on company time, or spreading confidential information to competitors. You will be able to get all your scheduled iOS devices under your control.

It’s legitimate for you to keep tabs on your own iPhone or iPad. iKeyMonitor iPhone 6 spy app can work as parental control or employee monitoring tool. With iKeyMonitor at hand, you will find it much easier than ever to keep everything under control!


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