iKeyMonitor for Android v13.8 Released 2024

We are excited to announce the release of version 13.8 of iKeyMonitor for Android! This update brings several enhancements and bug fixes to improve your monitoring experience. Here are the key changes:

Change Logs:

  1. Fixed Samsung Devices Log Upload:
  2. Resolved the issue where logs were not being uploaded correctly on Samsung devices. Now, you can expect seamless log monitoring on Samsung devices.

  3. Automatic Deletion of Local Screenshots:
  4. Addressed the issue where local screenshots were not deleting automatically. With this fix, unnecessary screenshots are now properly removed, optimizing storage usage.

  5. Improved Live-Screen Video Quality:
  6. Enhanced the quality of live-screen videos to provide a better and clearer view. Enjoy an improved monitoring experience with higher video quality.

  7. Crash Fixes:
  8. Resolved some issues causing crashes in the app. The stability of the application has been improved to ensure a smoother user experience.
    Enhanced Wizard:

Improved the onboarding wizard to make it more user-friendly and efficient. The setup process is now more streamlined, guiding you through the configuration with ease.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback. Please update to version 13.8 to take advantage of these improvements. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for choosing our Parental App to ensure a safe digital environment for your family!



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