Best App Usage Tracker – How to Monitor Child’s App Usage

App Usage Tracker – Monitor Child's App Usage

Have you heard of app usage tracker? Hasn’t the world gotten quite advanced within a short period? It was not long ago when you used to work on desktop PCs that modified into laptops and now all the work is done via a small, handy device, which is a cell phone. Mobile phones have become a necessity and everyone, be it a kid or a mature person, uses it. Now, children at a young age have access to mobile phones. Mobile phones have killed the time of physical activity. The cell phones make the children glued to their screen all day long. But how can you be sure that your child is not doing anything suspicious or watching something which is age-inappropriate? The easy and approachable solution is to use an app usage tracker.

The use of this app tracker will leave you at peace. You can keep a track of what your child has been using and doing on the phone without being a nosy parent. Although you want to make sure your child is protected from any bad effects and any trouble.

With the increased use of cell phones in children, the app usage tracker apps prove to be a saving straw for the parents and guardians. Being a parent can be a hassle at times, but you need to protect your child from any trouble. Tracking apps can help you, in that case, a lot.

Let’s talk about the app usage tracker and how they work. If you are a parent, you might also be interested to know how much these apps can help and to what extent you can protect your child with these tracking apps. Here is all the useful information you might require regarding the app trackers.

What Are The Benefits of The Best App Usage Tracker?

There are many apps out there which claim to be the best app usage tracker. But all of this depends on your requirements for tracking apps. Some of the features of the best app usage tracker are as follows.

Track everything

One of the main features of this app is that it covers all the apps that are available on your mobile phone. Tracking all the app usage will enable you to know the activity of your child on all the apps.

Discreet & Tamper Proof

One other main feature of the best app usage tracker is that the tracker will provide you all the data without any altering. This is one of the best and promising features as this is the only thing you require in a tracker.

How To Track App Usage?

The main and a legit question arises that, how to track app usage? And the solution for that is discussed below. The answer to that question is to find the app usage tracker. Here is how to track app usage, and how will it help you in monitoring the activity.

Download app usage tracker

The first step of how to track app usage is to download the tracking app. Link it with the device you want to track.

Explore the features

Once you know how to track app usage, you can use it for your child’s app usage. But before that, you need to know what apps the tracker covers. And what are the features of the tracker? You will also need to know if the tracker app will send you the email about the app activity, or will it use any other mode?

Why Should You Use App Usage Tracking Software?

There are many benefits of app usage tracking software, but why do you think you need it. Being a parent, you can’t be with your child all day. And even if you try to be there with them, most of the time, it will make your child rebellious and annoyed about your over-protectiveness. The app usage tracking software will do the following job when you are not with your child.

Track the app usage

The app usage tracker will track the activity of your kid. When you are not there, or they are left alone, the tracker will keep you updated about what your kids do on the phone. Most apps like iKeyMonitor will serve you with the purpose of app usage tracker. It will not only track the SMS, but it will provide you the overall coverage of the activity.

Keep you updated

If you are a worried parent who wants to know what your kid is doing all the while when you were out, the app usage tracker will help. The trackers will keep you updated all the time and will provide you the information that is not altered or tampered.

Useful Features of iKeyMonitor App Usage Tracker

The iKeyMonitor works well on track app usage on iPhone as well as on Android. You will be delighted to enjoy the multiple available features that are available. Some of the features are as follows.

Comprehensive tracking features

The iKeyMonitor is an app usage tracker that provides you the comprehensive tracking. It will track all the apps on iPhone as well as on Android.

Phone control

This app usage tracker will also provide you the information about the calls, phone screen time and it will also help you in blocking certain apps. It will also let you set schedules for the screen time.

So, have you made your mind about the app usage tracker? Are all your queries cleared regarding the tracker that you can use to track the activity of the apps for your kids? For further details, you can also visit iKeyMonitor. It is one of the best trackers that will provide you all the data without any alteration. The functionality of it is also amazing. The main feature of it is that the data and the details of apps used are provided via email and you can keep yourself updated regarding the activity of your child all the time.


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