Best App Usage Tracker – How to Monitor Children’s App Usage 2024

Want to find the best app usage tracker? Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity, and everyone, whether they are children or adults, is using them. Mobile phones have killed children’s time for outdoor activities. The children stared at the screen all day. But how can you be sure that your children have not done anything suspicious or watched content that is not commensurate with their age? The easy-to-use solution is to use a phone usage tracker like iKeyMonitor.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Children’s App Usage?

As the number of apps for Android and iPhone continues to increase, most children find themselves addicted to the use of apps. This usually leads to repeated use and unhealthy dependence on apps. Therefore you need to use a cell phone tracker to protect your children.

Cell Phone Addiction

Indulging in apps usually leads to repeated use and unhealthy dependence on apps, which also increases the time spent watching the screen of a tablet or smartphone and reduces the time spent socializing with others. To increase awareness of unhealthy dependence on apps and repetitive or addictive behaviors surrounding games and other entertainment apps, there are apps that can help track and monitor such activities. You can use iKeyMonitor app tracker to monitor your children’s devices.

Phone addiction

Inappropriate Content

Children can easily access pornography, violence, bloody apps, or games on their mobile phones. These apps will have a great negative impact on the growth of children. As a parent, you need to block inappropriate apps to ensure their healthy growth.

inappropriate content

How to Use iKeyMonitor to Track App Usage?

  1. Sign up for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
    sign up
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. You can go to Logs to check the app usage.
    android spying logs

Manage Children’s App Usage with iKeyMonitor

With the increase in children’s use of mobile phones, app usage tracking apps have proven to be a life-saving straw for parents and guardians. Being a parent can be troublesome sometimes, but you need to protect your children from any trouble. Here are some benefits of using iKeyMonitor:

Block Apps and Games on Children’s Phones

iKeyMonitor allows you to block specific apps and games on your children’s devices based on time limit rules. After logging in to the cloud panel, you can block any apps that you think are inappropriate.

block apps and games

Monitor Installed Apps on Children’s Phones

iKeyMonitor enables you to view a complete list of all installed apps on your children’s phones. It allows you to view installation time, detect newly installed apps, and detailed app reports.

Monitor Social Media

Set Screen Time Limit on Children’s Phones

iKeyMonitor supports limiting the screen time on your children’s devices. You can limit the time your children spend on iOS and Android devices, thereby keeping your children away from smartphone addiction.

Screen Time Limit


With iKeyMonitor app usage tracker, you can clear all questions about your children’s app activities. For more detailed information, you can also visit iKeyMonitor. It is one of the best trackers that can provide you with all the data without being discovered. It allows you to track your children’s online activities at any time. Sign up and start tracking!

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