6 Negative Effects of Cell Phone on Teenagers

Negative Effects of Cell Phone on teenagers

It is important for us to understand the effects of cell phone on young people because today’s teenagers rely heavily on mobile phones. With the launch of smartphones, our world has completely changed. It is not wrong to say that smartphones are the necessities of modern life. It helps us manage various tasks in our life. You will be surprised to find that most teenagers get their first smartphone when they are 14 or 15 years old. There is no doubt that it is important to have a smartphone, but it has more negative impacts on the lives of teenagers than the benefits.

From the launch of more and more mobile phone functions, the cell phone effects on health on teenagers is constantly escalating. The old mobile phone was just a tool for communication. Now the mobile phone can do almost everything. Therefore, the time children spent on the mobile phone is getting longer and longer, and their health is worsening.

Negative Effects of Mobile Phone on Teenagers

Here we have listed 6 negative effects of mobile phone on youth.

1. Poor Posture Can Cause Pain and Structural Abnormalities

We need our spine to stay healthy, and when you stare at the screen all day, you end up feeling neck and back pain. Neck pain can cause headaches, which makes us feel more annoyed. Looking at the phone with the right posture can be annoying, but you have to give it a chance to get into the habit. Reduce spinal pressure can make you feel comfortable. Another way is to stop using your phone for a long time. Try to learn to stay away from your phone whenever you want.

2. Can’t Get Enough Sleep

Most teenagers use their phones until they sleep, so that they can reply to text messages and calls. The mobile phone will cause sleep disruption. When they are not getting enough sleep, they will become restless. Lack of sleep is also the negative effect of cell phone.

3. Increase in the Proportion of Roadside Accidents

Teenagers may even use their mobile phones when crossing the road or driving. They texted and talked on their mobile phones without realizing that it might also lead to a security incident. In fact, even the US government’s distracted driving website has confirmed that traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of teenage deaths.

4. It Can Cause Health Problems

Studies have shown that when we hold the phone for a long time, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the phone is assimilated in the tissue. The sensory system of adolescents is developing, so they have a greater chance of developing a brain malignancy than adults.

5. Cyberbullying Is Increasing

According to a survey conducted by children to fight crime, about 33% of young people are victims of cyberbullying. More importantly, almost 50% of the victims did not have the vaguest idea of the character of the perpetrator. Because bullies use mobile devices to commit crimes, they are hard to get caught.

6. Eye Strain Leads to Vision Problems

Take time to stare at the computer screen – even a mobile phone – your eyes will be uncomfortable. Cell phones can damage your blinking time and can cause headaches. In the long run, continuous staring at a pixelated screen can cause visual deterioration. Maintaining a clear line of sight is essential for your health, and keeping your device at a distance of no less than 16 inches is important for your eye health. If you have a vision problem, change the settings on your phone, the goal is to have a larger screen font, and you can read it more clearly.

iKeyMonitor Helps Eliminate Negative Effects of Cell Phone on Teenagers

Anyway, you have to tell your child the effects of cell phone and teach them how to use the phone correctly and safely. They also need agreed boundaries for mobile phone usage. You can use iKeyMonitor to monitor your child’s online activity on the phone as it helps parents protect their children from potential dangers. In addition to its powerful features, it also provides excellent customer service, so you can’t miss this monitoring software.


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